Slimming World Diary

I joined Slimming World 5 weeks ago and I am loving it! Last week I got my half a stone award and won the Slimmer Of The Week award! I was so over the moon with last week’s weigh in. Although this week would be a different story… You can read all about the start of my Slimming World Journey here.

I had been a little naughty this week so I knew not to expect a big loss, if any loss…

For your first 4 weeks on Slimming World, you get given sheets of paper with a grid where you can record what you’ve eaten each day. Once your first 4 weeks are up, you can ask for more paper or stop keeping track. I on the other hand purchased a cute little notebook to keep track of what I eat daily. Keeping a record is entirely up to you, but I find that writing down what, speed/free food and syns I have consumed that day helps to stay on plan! 

When I saw this notebook in Asda, I knew it was just right for my food diary. I mean, Sunshine For Breakfast?! Cute right?

Day One:

Friday 10th, the day after weigh in was also my mum’s 50th birthday… I didn’t even bother to count how many syns I had eaten. We went out for a meal at the Beefeater and we had a cake made for the night too. Admittedly, I kept my cravings at bay and only had two thin slices of cake. I put a smiley face for the day as I didn’t regret what I had eaten, I had had a lovely day.

Day Two:

Saturday 11th, I was back on plan! I still struggled as I had the week off work so I was out of routine as it was. I had a decent portion of speed food and stayed under my syn allowance (because of my weight bracket, I am allowed between 5-20 syns a day). I spent the day looking after my little brother, I took him to the park because the weather was lovely and we walked the whole way round the lake searching for frogs… We found loads! So Saturday deserved a smiley face for being good.

Day Three:

Sunday 12th… Agai, I had a decent amount of speed food and a good portion of free food but I let myself down by going waaaaay over on my syns. I ate an entire Easter egg all to myself, I looked it up and Easter eggs vary in syns but the majority of them are 40+ syns… I also had no water and didn’t exercise at all… So no smiley face!

Day Four:

Monday 13th, back to work. I smashed being back on plan on Monday! I ate sooooo much speed food and a really good amount of free food. I stayed under my syns (just…) and had plenty of water for the day. I find when I’m at work, I find it easier to stay on plan. So Monday qualified for a big old grin. 

Day Five:

Tuesday 14th, another brilliant day! A really really good portion of speed food and free food. I went over on my syns by a little bit and drunk plenty of water. I wasn’t too keen on the Slimming World Cottage Pie Ready Meal but I ate all of it anyway. So Tuesday deserved a big old grin too!

Day Six:

Wednesday 15th, a naughty day… Wednesday was my day off and the weather was beautiful so instead of wasting it, my boyfriend and I went to Hastings for a few hours. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to go out just us two on a little date day, our shifts are always opposite and money’s normally tight. So I made the most of our time together, I ate the loveliest sausage and chips at the seaside and didn’t think twice about finishing the day with a mr whippy ice cream! I got a little speed food, I sliced up 3 apples and Darren (the boyfriend) kept passing me slices on the drive there and back. I didn’t bother to add up my syns. Wednesday got given a big old grin too, purely for the fact that I had had an amazing day out. 

Day Seven:

Thursday 16th, weigh day… I was back at work meaning back on plan! I had lots of speed and free food. I was also waaaay under my syns for the day and I drunk a good amount of water. I went swimming straight from work and managed to do 12 lengths of the pool. I was pretty pleased with how the day went. Then weigh in came… I gained 1lb! I expected a gain or at least a maintain so I wasn’t shocked. A little disappointed but walked away from group ready to smash Week 6! 

So after gaining 1lb this week, my total weight loss with Slimming World now stands at 7.5lbs. Still happy with where I am currently. Week 6 is going to be a much better week!


3 thoughts on “Slimming World Diary

    1. Im exactly the same! Im so nosey, I love seeing what people have eaten especially when theyre on Slimming World! Gives me ideas, motivation, inspiration… and thank you lovely, Im giving it my best shot xx


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