Slimming World Journey

I joined Slimming World on the 9th February for the second time… If you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning then you may remember when I first joined Slimming World and titled the posts “Weigh In Wednesday” and then “Think Thin Thursday” when my meetings moved to Thursdays. I actually really liked the titles but after the first time failed miserably, I decided to ditch the titles and keep it simple. It’s out with the old and in with the new, as the saying goes…

I was a little nervous about rejoining, I won’t lie. This time I joined on my own, the thought of going alone each week was daunting but after going twice on my own, it really isn’t that bad! 

Let me tell you a little about signing up and going to your first meeting… It’s super easy and the Slimming World consultant is there to support you so don’t be afraid to speak up. Your consultant will sit with you and go through all the different foods (speed, syns, free and healthy extra) and they will discuss what your target is. You’ll talk about what you want to achieve and how your going to get there. 

Once your done talking to your consultant, you’ll head over to a table where you’ll pay for your membership, buy snacks and books. You’ll be handed a book and trust me, it’ll become your bible. Inside you keep your food diary’s and your basic food directory. Oh by the way, your food directory mini book contains lists of free foods, speed foods and all types of syn foods! I’d also recommend downloading the FREE Slimming World app as carrying a book around can get tiring, especially when trying to do food shopping! 

Okay, so you’ve paid right? Next stop is the scales. This one is daunting, and to be completely honest, that feeling doesn’t go away. Every week the scales are daunting! This step is easy, you strip off all your heavy clothing (not everything!!), hand your book to the person at the table and step on the scale. They will never say your weight out loud, it’s on the digital scale right in front of you, out of sight from anyone else! Every week after your sign up, the person will only say how much you put on or lost, so for example… if you weighed 15 stone 3 lbs on your sign up date but on your week 1, you weighed 15 stone 1 lb then the person would say 2 lb off. Easy peasy. 

The next part is the fun part… You take a seat and wait for the meeting to start. Once everyone is weighed in and seated, the consultant will take the stand. He/She will go round the group, asking each member how well they did the past week, what they did, recipes they tried, any exercise they did and finally ask what they want their target to be for the next week! I love this part. Everyone discusses their downfalls, their favourite recipes and what they’ve been liking that week. You get some great ideas, be sure to take notes! 

Then the meetings over. This is probably the best part, not because it’s over but because it’s the end of the Slimming World week. So if you’ve been really bad that week, put on weight or just haven’t tried, you can sweep it under the carpet and start fresh! Perfect, right? 

Group gives me soooo much motivation, it really gets me buzzing for the week ahead. 

My first week back wasn’t all that great… I’ll be completely honest! Food shopping hadn’t been done yet so our house didn’t have a whole range of speed food to eat. Speed foods are foods that quicken up your weight loss, e.g. apples, raspberries, carrots, sprouts, etc… I managed to get as much speed food as I could, mainly through vegetables. On Monday, I joined up to the gym and swimming, I managed 5 lengths of the pool before I couldn’t carry on. Then it was Valentines, I had subway (come on, subway were giving away free subs when you bought a drink…) then nachos at the cinema, the beef lasagne but skipped the chocolate fudge cake! Everyone who knows me, knows how chocolate fudge cake is my ultimate favourite desert and I get it every meal I go out for… But not this time! I didn’t even bother counting the syns that it all amounted to, I knew it was waaaaay above my daily limit. Syns are foods that you are limited too, on average your allowed 5-15 syns per day. For example, a 2 finger Kit Kat is 5.5 syns, 1 tsp of Sugar is 1 syn and 100ml of Gravy is 1.5 syns. Make sense? Then on Wednesday I had Mac Donald’s, again I didn’t bother counting the syns… Thursday I had a Greggs Ham and Cheese toaster which added up to a whooping 24 syns! Oh and a chocolate doughnut… Yet again, I didn’t add up the syns. However, after work I went straight to swimming and pushed myself to do 8 lengths! My time of the month also hit me on Thursday, so I was almost positive that I had gained in my first week. 

I was pretty nervous for my first week weigh in, the whole journey there I was dreading it. I stepped on the scales and was AMAZED when it said that I had lost 1.5 lbs! After the week I had, I have no idea how it happened. 

I’m really going to give it my all, no junk food, no eating out, no takeaways. I’m planning on going swimming every Thursday and hopefully whenever else I can go. I want to see a dip in those scales!

Last night was week 4 weigh in and it’s been going so well, up until this week. I dreaded weigh in! I had had a naughty week… Macdonalds, Greggs and half an Easter egg… I was sure I had gained at least a pound this week. I tried to make up for all the naughty treats by going swimming 3 times but I just knew it wasn’t my week. However, when it was my turn on the scales, I was in shock! I had managed to lose a whooping 4lbs! How? I’ll never know.

So in my week 4 weigh in, I got my half a stone award and I won ‘Slimmer of the Week’ which is for one person who lost the week before and this week. I’m not entirely sure how it all works but I was still so pleased. I left group with a big grin on my face and the whole trip home, I was smiling away in the car singing loud to Ed Sheerans – Nancy Mulligan and it literally made my week!

Start weight: 17 stone 1 lbs

Week 4: 16 stone 6.5 lbs

Total loss: 8.5 lbs

– Kirsty xo


5 thoughts on “Slimming World Journey

  1. I really need to rejoin slimming world again, I joined 3 years ago and got to target, stopped going to group and piled all the weight back on… sad really I’ve thrown away all that hard work.
    Good luck with the rest of your journey, I’ll look forward to more posts to inspire me ❤


  2. This is so fabulous, what a loss! i would find weigh-ins so daunting tho 😦 Im currently on the Atkins because I gained almost two stone in two months due to stress! I love the certificate they give you too, and the best of luck with the rest of your journey lovely xx

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