Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and whether your in a relationship or single, it’s on everyone’s mind! Pretty much every shop has valentines decorations, pretty little hearts and cute cringey cards. Everywhere you go at the moment, love follows. 

I love valentines, I’m a big fan of romance and I’m into all the soppy lovey dovey stuff. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years and 2 months (as of February 7th) and the boyfriend isn’t as into romance as I am. Sometime it can suck, sometimes I want to be spoilt and feel like a princess but it’s also quite nice sometimes. We’re so comfortable with each other that we don’t need to be romantic all the time, we can chill and pig out in front of each other. It didn’t take long for us to get comfortable with each other and I think when you love someone, truly love someone then it’s easy to look past the small things (like unshaven legs, farting, no makeup and smelly breath)

Love isn’t just about sex, gifts and dates. Love is about spending time with someone who you can’t go a day without thinking about. It’s about looking forward to coming home to them, cuddling up and watching a film. Love is about wearing your baggy pyjamas and going to sleep early because one of you has work early. It’s about making the little things count, smiling at a text message or enjoying a pizza together.

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be a nightmare, especially if your trying to avoid the stereotypical gifts (jewellery, wallets, aftershave/perfume). I’ve put together a little list of ideas that I hope will help some of you!

  • A Scrapbook

For my one year anniversary with my partner, I made a scrapbook filled with memories of the past year. I kept receipts, tickets and little souvenirs from everything and anything! I tried to take photos of everything we did together. I put it all together, put in little fun facts and words that summed up that day/event. I made it fun and colourful, I was so pleased with how it turned out. 

  • Love Vouchers

Put together a little book of Vouchers for the other half to use when he/she wants to. The Vouchers can be anything from making breakfast to planning a date. Be adventurous, make them fun! 

  • Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are perfect, I love them! I’m pretty sure you can get just about anything personalised. Jewellery and wallets are most common, but you can go for photo frames or clothes. 

  • Love Notes

I recently came across the idea of asking people to write on a note a little love note and take a photo from around the world. So for example, someone would write on a piece of paper “Darren, Kirsty’s love for you is so big that it reached… Australia” and then take a photo of the note in front of somewhere in Australia and send you the photo. You could then put together a little book of all the photos you collect. I saw a girl got notes from all over the world and even NASA! 

  • Drive In Cinema

I’ve only ever been once, I took my mum last year to see The Purge: Election Day. It was so cool, me and my mum have been huge fans of Grease for as long as I can remember and we love the scene where Danny takes Sandy to the drive in movies. Although I went with my mum, its definitely perfect for dates. 

  • Gift Vouchers

Okay, yes this may not seem very thoughtful but it can be. Take note of their favourite things to do, favourite places to eat or favourite shops. Get the trip to wherever personalised. For example, ask a restaurant to bring out a cake or play their favourite song.


2 thoughts on “Valentines Gift Ideas

  1. I absolutely love these ideas, Kirsty! They’re super creative and out of the ordinary, just what you want for a memorable Valentine’s gift! The love notes are definitely my favourite idea, I’d be so touched if my BF managed to get someone to hold up a message from him on the other side of the globe! Adorable! I’ve never been to a drive-in cinema but I really want to now! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Abbey 😘 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


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