MAC Lipstick Collection

The first MAC lipstick I ever bought was Matte Please Me. At first I kind of regretted it, not because the quality was poor but because the colour wasn’t really me. I’ve never been a lover of pink, and Please Me was a pretty pink shade but the shade just didn’t suit me. After wearing it a few more times, it grew on me. 

Since buying Please Me, my collection now stands at a grand total of… 9! No doubt I will end up adding to my collection, there’s just so many pretty shades to choose from. 

                                                        FROM LEFT TO RIGHT

Matte: Please Me, Satin: Faux, Retro Matte: All Fired Up, Matte: Taupe, Satin: Twig, Matte: Velvet Teddy, Amplified: Dark Side, Matte: Whirl and Matte: D For Danger.

As you can see, my collection consists of mostly nudes, red and dark shades. I guess you could say I’m not very adventurous. I would really like to try some different shades, go out of my comfort zone but I’m quite picky. 

I think my favourite shade out of my collection is a tie between Velvet Teddy, Twig and Faux. They are all such a pretty nude shade that can be worn with any outfit. I’m pretty sure they would compliment any skin tone too.

These swatches really show how perfect each shade is! Swatches always show a products true colour, the actual product may look darker than when it is worn. For example, Dark Side looks a lot darker in the MAC tube than it does in the swatch above. 

There’s a few MAC lipsticks that I really want to get my hands on but at £15.50 per lipstick and having a budget each month, I’ll just have to hold on and buy them later on. I really like Satin: Brave, Matte: Strip Me Down, Cremesheen: Fanfare, Cremesheen: On Hold and Cremesheen: Speak Louder. There’s plenty more I could add to that list too…

What MAC lipsticks do you recommend? 

– Kirsty xo


25 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Collection

    1. It truly sucks that they test on animals but the Mac lipstick formula is just sooo good, I always find their lipsticks last for ages and their shades are just beautiful!
      I only ever buy a lipstick as a little treat now and then, due to them being so pricey! My makeup collection is mostly drugstore, bargain products!
      – Kirsty xo


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