Lipsticks Perfect For Winter/Spring

It’s absolutely freezing outside and nothing depresses me more than having to leave my bed and go outside in the mornings, especially when I have the struggle of de-icing my car! I genuinely can’t wait for Spring, when it’s still chilly but bearable and all the pretty flowers are starting bloom. Until then, I’ll let you in on a little secret on what makes getting out of bed in the morning easier… choosing the right shade of lipstick! 

With the cold dreary weather bringing everyone’s moods down, there’s nothing better than a bold, pretty lipstick to make the world seem brighter! I’m not a HUGE pink fan but in the winter/spring seasons, pink is always a good choice!

Here’s some of my favourite lipsticks and shades perfect for this miserable weather! As you can see most of them are pinks, nudes and slightly red. A girl can never go wrong with the right lipstick.

This ones pretty new to my collection, after receiving it as a gift for Christmas. (Can we all just take a moment to realise Christmas was a month ago… already). MAC never fail to create the perfect shades, there’s just so many I want! Twig is such a beautiful shade, I’m pretty sure it would compliment any skin tone. It’s a deep nude, not too dark which makes it perfect for spring. 

Another Christmas present from a friend of mine! The Academy of Colour Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Rose. This actually came with a lip liner too, which is also really really nice. I loveeee this lipstick, it’s not tacky and it doesn’t dry too much. It lasts hours too! It’s a really nice nude shade with a tint of pink. 

I actually got this from a subscription box a while back, I fell in love with it instantly. The Lord & Berry 20100 Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick in the shade Adorable Matte. It applies so easily without tugging on the lips, it’s such a pretty pink shade. 

This one has been in my collection for quite some time now, at first I didn’t really like it ony because of the shade itself. But it has since grown on me. The L’Oreal Paris, JLO’s nude. It’s literally the perfect nude shade for the winter season! 

Faux by MAC is another beautiful shade. Yet again it’s a deep nude but it works so well for the colder seasons. It stays on for what feels like FOREVERRRR… Which is a good thing! Seriously though, I wore this for work one day, talked all day, ate an entire Mac Donald’s meal and drunk at least 4 drinks and it hadn’t budged once. Amazing, right?

The first ever MAC lipstick that I bought, Please Me. This photo really doesn’t do it justice, it’s such a pretty light pink shade. At first I thought it was too light for me, but it’s so good for spring. When I wear it, it always makes me feel brighter and happier. I’m definitely so happy that I bought this. 

I’d love to know what your go to lipstick is for the winter/spring seasons, comment below or tweet me over on twitter –

– Kirsty xo


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