A to Z Fun Facts About Me

Hellooo guys, 

Ive been struggling with post ideas over the last week, every time I would come up with an idea, I would start writing or take the photos and then go off the idea! Then I came across the tag A-Z of me. In the posts I have read, they list something beginning with A that they love and so on… but I thought I would put a twist on it! So I’ll name a category or subject beginning with A and then name something I like/love or a fact about me in that category… It should all make sense soon! 

A – Animals!

I love so many animals, it would be impossible for me to name them all or this post would be far too long! I think my favourite animal would be a toss up between a Giraffe and a Panda!

B – Birthday!

My birthday is the 14th July, this year I’ll be 21! 

C – Colour!

I used to love the colour blue, but I think my favourite colour changes every so often. Currently I’m really into white! 

D – Dominos Order!

Who doesn’t love pizza? Whenever I order from Dominos, I always get the same. Classic crust, tomato base, ham, chicken, cheese and sweet corn. Its safe to same Im not very adventorous… Anyways, im supposed to be eating good!

E – Eye Colour!

I have green eyes!

F – Fruit!

I love cherries, grapes and pipless oranges! 

G – Game!

It was only a year or so ago that I learnt how to play Monopoly… I love Harvest Moon, The Sims 4 games are good too! I mostly love simulation games, games where I have to build up something!

H – Hair Colour!

I am a ginger ninja! Naturally I’m a light brown though.

I – Ice Cream!

Now where do I begin… Ultimately I love chocolate ice cream! My favourite being Hagen Diaz Belgian Chocolate.

J – Job!

Im a managers assistant for Coral (bookmakers). 

K – Kids!

I currently have no children. I would like kids one day, but for now I am happy how I am.

L – Lipsticks!

Okay okay… we all know that I am a HUGE lipstick fan so this ones a little easy. My favourite lipsticks are my MAC lipsticks! I currently own 9, my favourite is Velvet Teddy! There’s so many more that I want, Brave, Blankety, Fanfare are just a few!

M – Middle Name!

Almey. Its my nan’s name.

N – Number!

My lucky number is 7, its also my boyfriends and I anniversary!

O – Online Shop!

This one is pretty obvious… My favourite online shop is Fragrance Direct! All those beauty bargains, got to love them.

P – Piercings!

I have 7 piercings. One hole in each ear lobe, tragus, nose, tongue and both nipples.

Q – Quote!

Im not sure these are quotes as such but I like the sayings… “Throw kindness around like its confetti” and “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”.

R – Reality Show!

I used to watch Geordie Shore but it got to be the same old stuff all the time and they were all like 30 years old… I also really enjoyed Big Rich Texas but I believe it got cancelled… I love The Only Way Is Essex! 

S – Social Media!

I’ve always been a big fan of social media, I used to love Instagram but recently not so much! I’m now pretty into Twitter. I love joining in on Twitter chats and meeting fellow bloggers.

T – Tattoos!

I have 13 tattoos! I don’t regret any of my tattoos, only a few have meanings but I love them all. 

U – University!

I never went to university and up until recently I always felt like Uni wasn’t for me. Over the past year, Ive thought a lot about what I want to do with my life and it was only November last year that I found what I wanted to do! I’ll probably write more on this some other time!

V – Vehicle! 

My beautiful Peugeot 3008! I bought my car May last year after hiring it in Ireland for a week in April, I fell in love! Im not a car person at all, you could talk to me about cars and it’ll go in one ear and out the other instantly. But as soon as I saw the car we had hired in Ireland, I knew it was the car for me! Its super big and it has cream leather interior,  heated seats too!

W – Weight!

I haven’t weighed myself in quite some time, probably a good thing too. I have pretty low self confidence in the weight/body image department, this year one of my goals was to lose weight and feel comfortable with myself. We’ll see how that goes…

X – X-rays!

As far as I can remember, I have had 2 X-rays but as a young child I was very accident prone! Always falling over, falling out of my bunk bed so Ive probably had a fair few more that I don’t remember!

Y – Youtuber!

Who doesn’t love YouTube? My favourites are The Sacconejolys, VelvetGhost, Katie Snooks and Sprinkleofglitter. 

Z – Zodiac! 

My zodiac sign is cancer! Im a crab. According to the izodiacsigns.com website, cancer’s love Mondays, the colour white and our element is water (obviously, the crab!) Mondays were horrible while I was still in school but not so much after leaving school, as said previously I’m really into the colour white and I have ALWAYS loved the water! I love swimming! A strength of cancer’s is their compassion and ability to look after the ones they care about – also true! A weakness of a cancer is getting too attached to the past and getting anxious about the future – neither is true for me. 

I hope you guys liked this post, it was the best I could come up with during my little writers block. I actually found it quite fun to write, it got me thinking about some of my favourite things!

– K xo


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