Calvin Klein Lipglosses

Hellooo guys,

My last post was all about the Calvin Klein lipsticks that I bought, and saved £48.04! After I fell in love with them, I couldn’t resist looking for more. So another trip to the Fragrance Direct website… I looked at the other shades that they had but I couldn’t decide so instead I looked at the Calvin Klein lipglosses and OH EM GEE! I am so glad I did!

Left to Right: 700 Illicit + 210 Provocative

I only got 2 shades as I’m not a huge lipgloss lover, I don’t typically wear it. On the Fragrance Direct website these are priced at £3.99, where as the RRP is £15.00 meaning I saved £11.01 per lipgloss. Total savings of £22.02!

The 2 shades I got are 700 Illicit and 210 Provocative. They are perfect! I would say they are both ‘pinky nude’ shades. The lightest shade is 700 Illicit, it’s a little shiny and although the pictures don’t pick it up, there’s the tiniest bit of glitter in it. The darker shade is 210 Provocative, which is my favourite. It’s not matte but not so shiny either.

The lipglosses themselves are pretty light on the lips, aren’t tacky or drying. It looks good on top of lipstick but they are thick enough to be worn on their own. The little wands are perfect too!

I absolutely love the packaging! The lid is white, just like their lipsticks but where the gloss is, the base is clear meaning you can see exactly how much is left. I also find that it makes finding the shade your looking for so much easier. If you like me, that is. I have ‘sandwich’ boxes in my storage unit where I lay all my lip products so I have to rummage through to find the shade I want but with clear packaging, its easy to spot the shade I’m looking for!


For £3.99, you literally cannot go wrong! I definitely think i’ll be buying some more, I know the Fragrance Direct website sells another 6 shades…

– K xo


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