Calvin Klein Lipsticks 

Hellooo guys,

Everyone knows I am obsessed with my lipsticks! I just cant help myself, when I see a shade I like, I NEED to have it… even if I already have 10 lipsticks close to that shade.

Just before Christmas, I went online to my favourite website (Fragrance Direct) and had a little browse. When I say little, I mean I ended up checking out my basket with 7 lipsticks… 

What caught my eye the most is the Calvin Klein One Pure Colour Lipsticks. On Fragrance Direct they were only £3.99, where as they are retailing at £16.00. Meaning I saved a total of £12.01 per lipstick, I bought 4! In total I saved £48.04, crazy right? 

First things first, look at that packaging! I love how simple, plain yet eye catching the packaging is. Its very monochrome. The lipsticks are styled like little capsules, the black end is pretty matte where as the white end is a little shiny. 

From top to bottom:

210 Fancy

610 Bite Me

200 Miss Me?

140 Undressed

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful shades I got my hands on. 

I think my favourite shade out of all 4 is 140 Undressed (the very last in both pictures). It’s a perfect nude, not too light, not too dark. Its super easy to apply, doesn’t drag on the lips and is pretty smooth feeling. The best part is the fact it didn’t need topping up for a longggg time! 

Top to bottom: 140 Undressed, 200 Miss Me?, 610 Bite Me, 210 Fancy

I think I’ll be taking a trip back over to the Fragrance Direct to buy some more… even if I technically don’t have anymore room for more lipsticks… 

– K xo


6 thoughts on “Calvin Klein Lipsticks 

  1. I had no idea that Calvin Klein even did lipsticks but now I feel like I need all of them ahaha! You’ve chosen the most beautiful shades 💕 My favourite is the second one down I think as it’s such a lovely berry shade, but, really, all four are amazing. And the packaging is so sleek! xx


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