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Christmas Cupcakes

Hellooo guys,

The past week, I’ve been terribly ill. I’ve been in bed all week with no energy what so ever hence why there’s been no posts this week. But I dragged my butt out of bed and pulled myself together so I could make sure this post was up on time!

As a part of my Countdown to Christmas series that I have been posting every Sunday up until Christmas, which makes next Sunday the last post in the series! Can you believe how quick Christmas has come round? 2016 has absolutely flown by, am I right?


Food is a big part of the festive period, whether its chocolates, mince pies or turkey! I’ve always loved cupcakes, especially licking the bowl once the cakes are in the oven. The recipe is super easy to follow, making baking so much more fun!

Makes 12 cupcakes.

You Will Need:                                                     Ingredients:

Mixing Bowl                                                            120g Butter

Cake Tray                                                                  120g Self Raising Flour

Whisk                                                                         120g Caster Sugar

6 Bowls                                                                      2 Eggs

Cupcake Cases                                                         Vanilla Extract

Piping Tube                                                               Icing of some sort

                                                                                     Green/Red Food Colouring

                                                                                     Silver Balls


1. Preheat oven at gas mark 4 (180°C or 350°F).

2. Place cupcake cases in the cake tray.

3. Pour each ingredient into separate bowls, crack the two eggs and beat the in a bowl.

How to Make:

1. Pour the butter and caster sugar into the mixing bowl and whisk away!

2. Add in the already beaten eggs, whisk some more.

3. Slowly add in the flour, a bit at a time and keep whisking until it’s light and fluffy.

4. Add in a teaspoon of vanilla extract and whisk a little more.

5. Scoop the mixture into the cupcake cases, about half way from the top and try to keep them evenly spread.

6. Then place in the oven for 20-25 minutes, mine took 30 minutes to get a light brown top. Keep an eye on them as they are cooking, make sure they are rising. If your worried they aren’t rising properly, gently stab a knive or cocktail stick into the top and if it sinks easy, they probably need to be moved about in the oven. A higher shelf or nearer the back for example.

7. Place the cake tray onto a stand and let the tray cool before removing the cupcakes.

8. Once the tray is cooled, remove the cupcakes and let the cupcakes cool on a plate or stand.


I wont lie, I took the easy path when it came to decorating my cakes. I took a trip to Morrison’s and bought a pot of buttercream icing, one pot is enough to cover 12 cupcakes! So here’s what I did…

1. Half the icing into two bowls.

2. Add green food colouring to one bowl and add red colouring to the second bowl. Stir until fully mixed in.

3. Pour the icing into the piping tube and pipe away! I simply used a circle motion till the cupcake was covered but you can get as fancy as you want.

4. Then place the silver balls on the icing, make it as fun as you want!

Then your all done, all that’s left is the cleaning! Oh and eating… If you want to make more than 12 cupcakes, double the ingredients and it’ll make 24 cupcakes! Double the goodness.

– K xo


One thought on “Christmas Cupcakes

  1. Even though it is past Christmas these sound lovely! I always like finding new recipes. So Have saved this recipe to try out later!


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