New Hair Colour and Cut

Hellooo guys,

This year has been a wave of different hair colours for me, yes they may not be extreme changes but Ive actually quite liked the changes. 

When I was at school, everyone was always dying their hair. Crazy colours and red was a big craze at one point but I was never the type of person to let loose and go wild with my hair, flash forward 5 years and I’m finally giving new colours a try. 

I would post a photo of how my hair looked when I was 15 but all my ‘selfies’ were shocking back then. 

About 2 years ago, I had a sudden urge to get a haircut one day whilst out shopping. My hair was veryyy long, even reached my bum but I wanted short. I walked into a walk in hairdressers and that was it, 10 inches gone! 

I went from this…

To this…

I absolutely love having short hair, its so much easier to maintain and everyone’s told me it makes me look older. As you can see my hair was black, not natural. Naturally I’m a dark brown. I had had black hair for about 4 years so changing its colour would be difficult. So my hair journey began in March 2016.

So I went to this…

A dark brown, gingery shade and I loved it. I felt so much brighter and it went well with my pale skin tone but I soon wanted a change again… 

So I went to this…

I gave ombré a try but it failed. The hairdresser was rubbish, it was her first day (I didn’t know this prior to the day) and she didn’t blend the blonde in at all so I was left with a block of blonde. Im too polite to moan or complain so I left.

About a month later I went back, turns out the lady who had done my ombré hair had left after 3 days, 6 clients… 

So then I went to this…

I couldn’t thank my new hairdresser enough for fixing my hair. I absolutely LOVE the colour. Its so bright and again it goes nicely with my pale skin. I wont be changing my hair anytime soon! I also had a fringe cut in which I absolutely love, it frames my round face well and finishes the look off!

As you can probably tell, my hair has had to go through quite a few changes in order to get to where it is now. Ive had countless bleach sessions so my hair is pretty dried out, its still in good condition but its quite dry. I use The Body Shop beautifying oil and 3-4 drops makes such a difference!  

What’s the craziest colour you have ever dyed your hair?

– K ♡


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