Brows on Fleek

Hellooo guys,

I think I may have found the perfect brow product EVER! At least its perfect for me anyways…

I have had my eyes on the Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade for some time but couldn’t justify spending £15.00 on a single product for my brows. 

So when I came across the Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade for only £6.00 in my local Superdrug, I couldn’t resist giving it a try… 

I got the shade Dark Brown and its the perfect match for my brows. I have never used a product like this before so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Ive used eyebrow pencils but found them too harsh and make my brows look very thick and dark. Ive sworn by my Makeup Revolution Brow Kit in Medium-Dark for months now and I will probably still use it but this Brow Pomade is by far my favourite ever brow product!

The brush Ive been using, believe it or not, is from Wilko’s and was only 95p! I love the little design, the bristles aren’t too soft or hard, it picks up enough product and blends the product nicely. Admittedly my brush isn’t clean right now but the tips are a light pink shade. For only 95p, I have no complaints! 

Okay, back to the Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade. As you can see the shade Dark Brown is quite dark which is great considering my natural colour is dark brown, it’s a perfect match. It applies smoothly, doesnt clump and isn’t too thick. I line the bottom of my brows and fill in the arch end, using my wilko’s brush, I slide upwards blending in the line from the bottom so that the beginning of my brow isn’t too filled in and dark. I hope that makes sense… 

Im literally so happy with this product and my brows have never looked this good before. Im so glad I held out on buying the Anastasia Dipbrow and saved myself £9.00! 


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