London Day Trip

Hellooo guys,

I’ve been to London plenty of times and each time something always manages to amaze me! I love the London atmosphere and the crazy busyness of it all. I like rushing in and out of people, speed walking to catch the trains and just generally taking in all what London has to offer.

This trip was a special one, my sister and I decided back in January that we would save up enough money to pay for our family of 5 to get the train to London, watch Lion King in the Lyceum Theatre and enjoy a meal after, as a Christmas present to everyone. It took a little while to save it all but we got there eventually! We managed to keep it a secret for 11 months, get to the postman before mum or dad did and book the entire day out without anyone knowing. It’s been incredibly tough seeing as I am very close to my mum and tell her practically everything.

Last week, the show tickets arrived in the post and we couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. We placed them into a card, gathered the family round and handed the envelope over to mum. Safe to say all sorts of things went through her head at the time, one of them being ‘she’s pregnant’ (Im not guys!!). She opened the envelope and within minutes she was in tears, happy tears of course! This was her first ever Westend Show! 

A week later and we were off! We caught the train to Victoria and jumped on the underground to Leicester Square. The plan was to take my little brother to the brand new Lego store that had just opened but when we arrived, the queue was ridiculously long and we only had a short time before our show started. So that’s been saved for another day! We took a walk round the Christmas markets and went inside the M&M’s store which was pretty cool. There was a street dancer just outside with a huge crowd round him, he was very good but its pretty safe to say, it wasn’t the moves I was watching (he was topless… and muscly!)

Walking to Covent Garden was super easy, a straight 5 minute walk. We looked around Covent Garden market but didn’t actually buy anything. By now it was 2pm and the show started at 2:30pm, luckily it was only a 2 minute walk from where we were.

I was fortunate enough to have seen Lion King before for mine and my boyfriends 2nd year anniversary, so when booking this time I made sure to choose seats in the Stalls next to the aisle (will explain why shortly). We arrived at the perfect time, it wasn’t crazy busy to get in and there wasn’t any queues for the toilets, our seats were easy to find too. I would highly recommend Stalls row S next to the aisle to anyone! Perfect view of the stage and the aisle’s become filled with actors and actresses.

The show started bang on time and music soon filled the theatre. It begins just like the film but actors dressed as animals came running down the aisles, surprising my entire family and making the whole show much more exciting. This happened a few times during the performance.

It lasted 2 and a half hours, interval included. Throughout the show, I watched the expressions on my family faces, my brother’s eyes were glued to the stage and didn’t move once! You could see the enjoyment in everyone’s faces! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed every second but it wasn’t over yet…

Next stop was Sophie’s Steakhouse, I had eaten before so I knew it was a decent place to eat. My sister and I had put away £200 in total to cover the bill but it only came to £98.00 which we were obviously pleased with. Kids can have a Sunday roast (a decent sized portion) for free on Sundays which was a bonus! We all had mains, dessert and drinks. The meal was absolutely amazing, no faults at all. Everything was cooked just right. To top it all off, the service was unbeatable. All 4 of the staff we met were bubbly and helpful.

We caught the tube back to Victoria and then jumped on the southeastern train back home! All in all its been an amazing day, a memory that will definitely not be forgotten.


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