Top 5 Autumn/Winter Lipsticks

Hellooo guys,

I wanted to get back into blogging fully but I’ve been pretty busy and when I actually have a little spare time, I really cant be bothered to do anything… If you follow me on social media, twitter or instagram then you will know I have just got back from a 2 day trip to France. It was pretty last minute, I had a little time off work so the boyfriend and I decided to take a quick trip over the Channel. So I’ve been pretty caught up on planning our little trip to even realise it had been 10 days since my last post… I’ll write a post on our France trip sometime soon.

I love this time of year, leading up to Christmas! Everything is so festive, I love shopping and buying presents, I don’t even mind the weather. For me, winter is all about blankets, hot chocolate, Christmas shopping, checking out decorations and wrapping up warm. Everyday that I go out (other than work) I wear a lipstick, everyone who knows me, knows that I love my lipsticks! I always spend about 5 minutes contemplating which shade to go for, then another 5 minutes on whether it’s going to be matte or not… I am terrible! So for today’s blog post, I thought I would share my Top 5 Autumn/Winter Lipsticks.

From top to bottom.

NYX – Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Athens.

I got this in Boots about a month ago and absolutely love it! I believe it cost me around £6.00 and it was worth every penny. I also bought the shade Copenhagen (purely because I have been there) but have yet to try it out, it’s a dark purpley shade.

MAC – Amplified Lipstick in the shade Dark Side.

I won this lipstick in a giveaway hosted by Melissa Harding (be sure to check out her blog) and as soon as it came, I was in love with it. It’s a beautiful dark shade that’ll look good on any skin tone, I’m incredibly pale and I still manage to pull it off.

Revlon – Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour in the shade Devotion.

I searched for this EVERYWHERE. Literally every Superdrug/Boots that I went to, it was out of stock or someone had previously opened the only one on the shelf. Then finally, there it was, calling my name in the middle of Superdrug. I dived onto the shelf before anyone else could possibly pick it up… It is one of my top 5 lipsticks ever! It’s texture is perfect, it’s shade is perfect, everything is perfect! Definitely a must buy! I believe it cost me something like £6.99.

MAC – Matte Lipstick in the shade D For Danger.

My other half bought me this for my birthday in July, I had had my eyes on this shade for sometime and even added it to a little list of things that I wanted. It’s a lovely red shade, not too bright which is perfect for me and Christmas is all about the colour red so it makes it even more ideal for winter! I would definitely recommend this shade to anyone who isn’t keen on the bright red shades.

Maybelline New York – Vivid Matte Liquid in the shade 50 Nude Thrill.

I’ve mentioned this lipstick a fair few times on my social media and a few blog posts, which clearly shows how much I love this lipstick! It’s a beautiful nude shade, it’s matte but not tacky/sticky, it doesn’t dry out and it lasts ages. I bought this quite sometime ago now so I don’t remember how much it cost me.

I love every single one of these lipsticks and would happily buy them again when the times comes. I can never say no to a good lipstick, no doubt I’ll end up buying more to add to my collection. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!



3 thoughts on “Top 5 Autumn/Winter Lipsticks

  1. There’s nothing like the lead up to Christmas and all those lovely, wintery colours. I’ve been obsessing over the NYX soft matte lip creams for so long now but haven’t been able to decide on a colour. Athens looks perfect for this time of the year. Really looking forward to reading about your little trip to France! x


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