My Pandora Wishlist

Hellooo guys,

It’s been a long time since my last post… 3 months to be exact! I feel like I got myself into a little rut, I went on holiday and when I came back I just couldn’t find the energy to write up any posts and then I struggled to think of any ideas so I gave up. I told myself that I would give myself a break and when I’m back, it’ll be bigger and better than before! So here I am.

Christmas is just round the corner, 41 days 2 hours 56 minutes (at the time of writing this post) and I thought this post would be ideal for dropping subtle hints to my boyfriend, friends and family on what’s caught my eye recently… I have a total of 10 Pandora rings that I wouldn’t mind owning! Let’s get into it, in no particular order…

Size 60
Size 58
Size 58


Size 58
Size 58 or 60
Size 58 or 60
Size 58 or 60
Size 58
Size 60
Size 58 or 60

I just think these rings are stunning and a girl can never have too many rings! So if my boyfriend, friends or family are reading this, hint hint…




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