Our First Birthday!

Hellooo guys,

Yesterday (18th July) my blog turned ONE! I know this post is a day late but seeing as I was working most of yesterday and then came home to set up my new desk, I think it’s acceptable… It’s currently 32 degrees, and I’m sat at my new desk with my windows wide open and my fan right next to me. As much as I love the sun, I hate the heat! I hate the stickyness and I always feel so sluggish when I’m too hot. Anyways, this post is not a rant about the heat, it’s a celebration!

1st Birthday!

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for an entire year, where has the time gone? I remember setting up my first ever blog, it was so plain and simple… Still kind of is but it’s how I like it! I started the same as everyone else, with 0 followers, no readers and always unsure on what to post. A year down the line, my blog has certainly grown!

To date, I have 1560 readers and 3224 views. I know there’s many blogs out there who have a lot bigger statistics but I’m pleased with mine and that’s all that matters. Currently at 101 followers which is absolutely crazy knowing just over 100 people like to read my blog enough to follow along with my posts. This post is my 66th post, 66 posts in a year is pretty good seeing as I’ve had a lot to do in the past year. What with starting a new job and going on holidays…

In the year I’ve been blogging, I’ve hosted 2 giveaways both were successful. I’ve connected with other bloggers, via twitter or instagram. I’ve even met up with a local blogger and made friends there! I’ve become more confident and being able to write and share my views/opinions with the world is such a good feeling. I feel a lot more free, like there’s a whole world out there for me to see, people to meet and posts to write!

Now for the year ahead… I shall continue to blog, continue to post new content as regular as I can! I’m hoping to host more giveaways, not just yet but in time… I would like to upgrade my blog, go premium, get my own url… I would like to re-decorate my blog, have it all fancy but I’m not exactly great with technology so we’ll see about that… I hope to attend some events, I’m heading to London for an event in the beginning of August but I would love to go to more! I intend on expanding my blog, meeting more bloggers, bouncing ideas of each other and in general, make new friends.

This past year has been so incredibly exciting for me as a blogger, reaching my first 100 readers was crazy but to reach 1500 is even crazier. To end this post, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has ever read my blog, commented/liked or even followed me on this journey! Without my readers, my blog wouldn’t be where it is today!



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