21 Before 21

Hellooo guys,

Yestersay was my birthday, I’m officially no longer a teenager!? Turning 20 is crazy, it seems like only yesterday I was in primary school participating in sports day and easter egg hunts. Except that was 10 years ago. Back then money wasn’t important, boys didn’t matter and makeup was just a toy. Everything was fun and games and my career choice changed every week! Go forward another 10 years and money is a huge part of life, boys are now men and makeup is part of my daily routine.

There’s so many things that I want to try and I thought wouldn’t it be fun to do as many as I can in a year! Then come next year, I can look back on everything I’ve achieved.

Things To Do

So here’s 21 things to do before I’m 21… In no particular order:

  • Lose at least 1 stone in weight. I’ve been unhappy with my body for quite some time now and it’s about time I did something about it.
  • Travel to at least 2 new places, whether it’s abroad or in the UK. I want to visit new places and experience different cultures. I’m going to Spain in August so that’s one new place!
  • Make new friends. Meet other bloggers!
  • Open a savings account. Turning 20 has made me realize that I’m not ready to grow up. I have no savings and sooner or later, I’ll be wanting to move out and have a life of my own.
  • Learn to cook.
  • Get lip fillers. I’ve been looking into these for a couple of months now and it’s something I’m really like the idea of. I lip line my lips on most days and LOVE how they look but lining them everyday is effort, plus I want them to look big without having to wear lipstick all the time.
  • Get promoted!
  • Go outside of my comfort zone, get a spray tan or bikini wax. Try new things!
  • Fill a photo album, from beginning to end.
  • Attempt to learn a language. I’ve always wanted to be fluent in another language but at school, I struggled to take it all in.
  • Join a club/class. This kind of links in to making new friends, I’d like to join something I enjoy and hopefully make some friends out of it. I’d love to be able to make pottery, like Demi Moore does is Ghost.
  • Be more active. I love swimming so I’d like to take up swimming or bike riding. I enjoy ice skating too.
  • Clear out my clothes, completely declutter. I have tons of clothes that haven’t been worn in a LONGGG time so it’s the perfect reason to have a good clear out.
  • Get permanent eyebrows. How nice would it be to wake up every morning with fleeky brows and not have to fill them in…
  • Get a library card. I had a child library card but it’s time I got a new one. I love reading but am always to lazy to pick up a book, so I’d love to get back into reading!
  • See a psychic.
  • Donate blood… Again.
  • Volunteer somewhere. Not only does it make you feel good about yourself, it also expands your CV.
  • Be more domestic at home. Helping with the housework, keeping my bedroom tidy, waking up early, etc…
  • Write one thing a day for an entire year. I’ve seen notebooks where you can write one thing that you did or one thing that made you happy each day, then you can look back at the past year.
  • Go to loads of events, beauty events, blogger events, concerts, parties, markets…etc!

I would love to complete this list this time next year, I plan on keeping you updated on the things I’ve achieved and if there’s anything else that I’ve done that wasn’t on this list.


Let me know via my twitter  what one thing you’ve always wanted to do is.



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