GlossyBox July Unboxing!

GlossyBoxHellooo guys,

I know I’ve only just received my June box from Glossybox but that’s because I ordered it right before the beginning of July, meaning my July box would come soon after… Which it did! So after a veryyy busy day yesterday, I was super excited to find my July Glossybox had came! Me being me, I couldn’t wait to open it and unraveled the ribbon and tore the tissue paper before I got a lovely photo of it…

The leaflets!

So the first thing that caught my eye is the fact that they have added a little recipe card into the box this month AND it’s pasta! Everybody who knows me will know that Italian food is my favourite! Along with the recipe card there’s a card telling you about each of the lovely products hidden inside the box. I always find this part really interesting as it tells you if the products are full size, how much they sell for in shops and the website/shop you can buy them from. This month’s box contained 5 FULL SIZED products!


I love this month’s box, everything in it will be used and most likely repurchased! So obviously the first thing that caught my eye when opening the box is the Soft & Gentle Hair Minimise Anti-perspirant Deodrant. Purely because of the size. I was super excited to see a makeup brush had been added, and a new mascara to try out.


The Collection Super Size Mascara was a great little addition to this month’s box as I’m a huge fan of trying out new mascaras. I like to see what works with my lashes and what doesn’t, I’m intrigued to see if this works it’s magic on my lashes. Although I have pretty thick long lashes as it is, a girl can never have enough mascara!

13632682_506687132860033_2060664346_oThe Utan&Tone Nourishing Night Creme, claims to hydrate your skin and gives you a golden colour that you would normally expect from a gradual tan. It also claims to not stain your pillow or give you a biscuity-tan smell! I’m always too frightened to apply fake tan/gradual tan to my face incase it turns out incredibly bad, but this sounds ideal.


I have a bit of an addiction with makeup brushes recently, I always just applied my makeup using my fingers… However I know have 2 pots full of makeup brushes, and I now use brushes as part of my daily routine. So when this came in July’s box, I was super excited! It’s the perfect brush for applying liquid, cream or powder makeup. It’s incredibly soft!


The Soft & Gentle Hair Minimise Antiperspirant spray, when I first saw this, I was pretty excited to try it. It claims to minimise hair growth in the underarm, it helps make the pesky underarm hairs thinner and grow slower. It also claims to leave skin smoother after just 8 weeks!


Every girl with thick, frizzy and knotty hair will know the struggles of trying to brush their hair everyday… So when this came in the July box, I was super excited to give it a go. The Hairon De-tangle brush claims to de-tangle wet hair without snagging or tugging. It also say’s it’s great for natural hair extensions and dry hair too. Also it’s the perfect size for a handbag!

That’s all for the July box, exciting stuff right? I can’t wait to fully try all my products!




4 thoughts on “GlossyBox July Unboxing!

  1. I love these subscription boxes and I really want to try one! Do you think they are worth the money? I love your blog by the way, I have given you a follow, check my blog out if you can!x


    1. Im only signed up to Glossybox and recently subscribed to Birchbox, I definitely think they’re worth the money!
      Thank you 🙂
      – K xo

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