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Hellooo guys,

I was cleaning out my room the other day and that’s when it hit me… I have far too much makeup and no where to store it!? I’ve always wanted a vanity table, like the one’s you see from beauty guru’s but if I bought one or set one up, I wouldn’t know where to put it. My room isn’t very spacious with all the furniture I have. So I had to find a different solution…


The Keter 4 Drawer Plastic Tower Storage Unit – White from Argos. They’re normally £14.99 but I was fortunate enough to buy it when it was in sale for only £13.49. I didn’t save much but every little helps! It comes in parts in a brown cardboard box so I wasn’t able to see what it looked like or the actual size. I took it straight home and put it all together. There are no screws or little bits needed so assembling it was pretty straight forward. The parts just slot together and lock in place. Easy! I popped in the wheels and slid the drawers into place. I love the size of it, the colour is a nice bright white although the drawers are a little transparent. The unit is the perfect height against my bed so I can pop my mirror on top and sit on the edge of my bed whilst applying makeup. PERFECT! The fact that it’s on wheels makes storing it a whole lot easier, its current home is in front of my wardrobe.

I purchased some plastic boxes (the microwaveable ones) from Poundland in various sizes. Some round, some square. Small boxes and bigger boxes. I then fit them into each drawer how I wanted them. There’s a few gaps where I couldn’t fit another box but it holds everything I need them to.

Top drawer – Face products.

In the top drawer I’ve stored all my face products. Concealers, Foundations, Powders, Contouring, Highlighters, Blushers and a few tools (nail clippers, tweezers, mini scissors). Everything fits perfectly.

Second drawer – Lip products.

My lip products should have been in the third drawer but I LOVE lipsticks so much that I put it in the second drawer. As you can see I have sooo many lipsticks and a good handful of lip liners. I use this drawer to store all my lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners and lip balms. Again everything fits perfectly, even the little boxes are nice and snug!

Third drawer – Eye products.

I was never really an eyeshadow type of girl, I’m terrible at blending but I love giving it a try. Eyebrows are a pretty big thing for me, mine aren’t the best shape but I can never not fill them in. I store all my eyebrow palettes, eyebrow pencils and eyebrow gels, eyeshadows, eye liners, mascara’s and false lashes in this drawer. As you can tell it’s pretty full.

Fourth drawer – Skincare.

A girl can never have enough wipes! I keep my cotton buds and pads in the little tubs down the side. It keeps them separate from my other products. I store my moisturizers, facial cleaners, makeup removers and spare pads/cloths in this drawer.

All my drawers are completely full, I’m so so happy with my new makeup storage! Considering how cheap it all was, it’s ideal for me. In total the entire thing cost me around £20.00. Much cheaper than a vanity table and a lot smaller, making storing it a whole lot easier.

All my makeup brushes are in two separate vases on top of my chest of drawers. It’s really simple looking, a large clear rectangle vase for all my bigger face brushes and a small grey patterned tooth brush holder for all my smaller brushes (shadow blenders, concealer brushes, eyebrow brushes). Both are half filled with little white stones, adds a little decoration. I then have a plain white soap dish where I keep my beauty blenders and sponges.

That’s all for my makeup storage. No doubt I’ll buy more!

Let me know in the comments or via my Twitter what your makeup storage looks like and your favourite beauty product!

Basically Innocent xo



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