London Zoo & Date Night

Hellooo guys,

Yesterday was such a good day, I thought I would blog about it! It’s been a fairly long time since me and my partner have actually spent the day together, so yesterday we made the most of our day off. At first we were supposed to go to Thorpe Park as I had 2 free tickets that I had collected from the Sun newspaper but we both decided that we had been sooo many times before, so we decided to go to London Zoo instead!

We arrived at London Zoo at 11:50am and used their all day parking which cost us £14.50?!! Personally I think this is a bit extreme seeing as an adult entry ticket only costs £20-£25… But we paid anyways! We then crossed the road and entered the Zoo. The first section we came across was Penguin Beach! I love penguins, they look so cute and playful.

There was a couple of children watching as the penguins dived in and swam up to the glass. It was as if the penguins were showing off to the children. Even I found it quite amusing!

We then moved onto Butterfly Paradise where as soon as we opened the door and past the plastic curtain, we were surrounded by beautiful colourful butterflies.

Our next stop was the Land of the Lions! I was pretty excited about this part, I love lions! They’re sooo beautiful! However I was a little dissappointed as we walked the entire way round and only saw 3 sleeping lioness, no lions… They were still beautiful and they looked so peaceful but I wanted to see some lions!

It was a very hot day and the weather was lovely, so I dont blame the lioness’s for sleeping in the shade but I couldn’t find any lions!

We then moved onto Meet the Monkeys, where you could walk through a small garden and have the monkeys climb the trees around you… However this was not the case as the monkeys were all inside, we still managed to see the monkeys quite clearly, they looked very cheeky and cute! Unfortunately due to the glass, I couldnt get a decent photo of them…

As we walked round, we walked past a huge pond where we saw Flamingo’s and a few other animals.

Next up was Tiger Territory, which was a HUGE dissappointment! I didn’t see a single Tiger despite there being signs with the tigers names… I wasn’t the only one dissappointed as there was a group of school children on a school trip also trying to spot a Tiger…

Near the Tiger Territory was a couple of camels, which I had never seen in person!

So we moved onto the Gorilla Kingdom! I absolutely love gorillas, they are so big and beautiful. I was so happy to have seen 3 adult gorillas and 4 baby gorillas! Personally baby gorillas are my favourite, they’re so cheeky and playful! Again due to glass, I wasn’t able to get a decent photo of the baby gorillas…

The next section we came across was the Reptile House. Im not so keen on snakes but I love bearded dragons, crocodiles, turtles and iguanas! The room was pretty dark so getting good photos was difficult…

We looked around the Outback section but didnt see any kangaroos so we stopped and had some lunch. We had taken our own food purely because we were on a budget yesterday and still had a lot more to do!

After some lunch, we walked through the tunnel which ran under the main road and to the other side of the Zoo!

Our first stop was Into Africa! I love giraffes, I find them so graceful and glorious! I love their colours and their long necks. They move so beautifully.

Next door to the giraffes were the zebras! I didn’t get any decent photos of the zebras as they were too far away and I was only using my iphone to take the photos…

We then moved round to In With The Lemurs! We were able to walk round a small garden whilst the Lemurs ran round and sat in the sun. I was sooo excited to be able to get up close to them and the photos turned out so well!

Our next section was the Nightlife but it was far too dark for me and I could barely see any animals… So we moved onto the Rainforest Life but it was too hot and humid so we quickly walked through it!

Out last stop was the Happy Families section where we saw Meetkats, Otters, and Reindeer! I absolutely love Meerkats, I think they look so cute and funny.

Then we left the zoo! We were only there for about 3 hours and instantly regretted paying the £14.50 to park all day…

Our evening was then spent at Frankie & Benny’s were we had a lovely meal each… I used my vouchercloud app to get us £10.00 off, meaning we had 2 meals and 2 drinks for only £17.98! Bargain…

We then headed to our local Cineworld and watched Gods of Egypt using our Cineworld Unlimited cards! I loved the film, I liked the twist on the Gods and Goddesses story and thought the acting was just right. It was serious but with the right amount of humour! It was also nice to see Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister – Game Of Thrones) play the good guy!

So there, my entire day yesterday! I thoroughly enjoyed my day off and spending it with my boyfriend made it a whole lot better!

Basically Innocent xo


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