My To Do List

Hellooo guys,

I’ve completely neglected my blog over the past two months, I’ve written a total of two posts… I have been so busy with work that I’ve barely had any time to myself, even my room is a complete mess! Today was my day off and I’ve wasted the entire day watching Desperate Housewives and playing Stardew Valley on my laptop… I’ve barely even moved from my bed today… I’m working a lot of hours again next week so don’t expect much from me again, BUT the week after is pretty quiet so I plan on getting a lot of little jobs done! I plan on writing a lot more, when I have a spare minute or two…

So for my “welcome” back post, I thought I’d share my To Do List/Upcoming Plans over the next few months… Starting with JUNE!

This month is mostly filled with work which is great, I really like my new job and any overtime is welcome! I’m taking my sister to a couple of University open days which is pretty exciting. Other than that, I don’t have much else planned… I’m planning on clearing out my room at some point, not much, just a simple tidy up.


My birthday month! I turn 20 on the 14th July, which is totally crazy as it seems like only yesterday I was in primary school. My sister turns 17 on the 20th July, nothing’s planned for our birthdays as of yet. Again, plenty of work! I’ve booked tickets to take my mum to see Will Young as she’s been practically obsessed with him and his music ever since Pop Idol! Plenty more University open days to attend too.


August is fairly busy… My boyfriend turns 22 on 4th August! Then I’m going on holiday to Spain with the other half and his family, I’m super excited. Work as usual, me and my boyfriend have a wedding reception to attend at the end of August.

That’s it for now guys! I’ll be sure to try and write more often, but I can’t promise anything…

Basically Innocent xo




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