Giftcard Giveaway

Hellooo guys,

Yesterday (15/03/2016) I reached 1000 readers which is totally crazy and I cant believe how far my little blog has come in such a short time! I started my blog in July 2015 purely because I love writing and I enjoy reading other peoples opinions/views. I never thought anyone would actually read what I wrote, but 8 months down the line and I now have 1000 readers!

My blog was a little place where I could share what I was feeling and what I was enjoying, it’s so easy for me to sit and write about absolutely anything and everything! My love for writing started waaay back in 2006 when I started a diary. I was 9 years old when my granddad passed away. I used my diary to vent my anger and frustration… Back then, my writing wasn’t all that great… I was pretty cringey and half the stuff I wrote about didn’t make sense or wasn’t important at all… For example, I wrote about sending an email to a friend from primary school saying ‘hi’ or what lessons I had at school that day. As well as my diary, I wrote short stories… Half of which I never actually finished and weren’t good at all. I’d get an idea for a story and start scribbling away and then after a couple of chapters, I’d find a new idea and start a new story. As I grew up, I started writing to a pen pal from Germany. It was actually really cool and we had so much in common, but after almost a year the letters stopped. I’m not sure what happened, I think it was during the time when we were both doing exams in school and was wrapped up in other things. Then July 2015 came and I finally decided to start my own blog! Now we’re here, 1000 readers!

As a little thank you to all the lovely people who ever clicked on my blog, I decided to do a little giveaway! After days of contemplating on which prize to use for my giveaway, I finally came up with something… A Cineworld Giftcard! Okay, so this may not be for everyone but I wanted the prize to be gender friendly… I didn’t want my first giveaway to be beauty related. I then thought about giving away a DVD but then thought about the age restrictions and didn’t think that would be fair. So then it hit me, a cinema giftcard! I’ve written about plenty of films in the past (Top 50 Films and All Time Favourite Films) and who doesn’t like a trip to the cinema?

The Prize:

£15.00 Cineworld Giftcard.

Can be used in any UK Cineworld cinema and can be used for cinema tickets, food/beverages or merchandise.


How to Enter:

So your probably wondering, how do I go about entering this giveaway? Well firstly you’ll need to sign into facebook…

I’ll be checking who’s completed all 3 tasks and will be choosing the winner randomly by using a random name selector site.

The giveaway ends on the 31/03/2016 (Thursday 31st March 2016) and the winner will be contacted via facebook messenger on the 01/04/2016 (Friday 1st April 2016)… Yes I’m aware this is Aprils Fools Day but this is not a prank! After contacting the winner and sorting out postal methods, the giftcard will be sent out via Royal Mail 1st Class so it is with the winner ASAP.


The Rules:

  1. This giveaway is open to UK residents only.
  2. The winner will be randomly selected as long as they have completed all 3 entry tasks.
  3. Any entries made after midnight on 31/03/2016 will not be counted.
  4. The winner will be contacted on the 01/04/2016 and must reply in order to claim their prize.
  5. The giftcard will expire after 24 months (2 years).
  6. The giftcard can be given away if unwanted but cannot be re-sold.
  7. The giftcard cannot be used over the phone to make a booking but can be used in-store or online (a booking fee may be needed via online booking).
  8. Only 1 winner will be chosen.

Good luck guys!

Basically Innocent xo


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