Nipple Piercing Q&A

Hellooo guys,

I had a bit of a ‘spur of the moment’ moment the other day… As you can probably tell by the title of this post… I went and got both my nipples pierced! I’ve wanted them done for quite some time now but was always too scared to do it, so then a friend of mine got hers done and after she said the pain wasn’t all that bad, I knew it was time to get mine done! I did plenty of research on nipple piercings before I booked it, which is definitely a must before any piercing. When I researched nipple piercings, I looked for other peoples personal experiences and pro’s and con’s of nipple piercings. I wanted to know what to expect! So after getting both mine done, I thought it would be good to share my experience with you guys… Obviously if this sort of this doesn’t interest you, then don’t read on…

Question One: On a scale of 1 – 10, how painful was it? (1 being the least painful and 10 being the most painful)

Answer: I’d probably say it was about an 8, I’m not going to lie… It was painful but it was bearable and over very quickly! Before I got my nipples done, I had 7 piercings and 11 tattoos so I’m okay with pain but I always thought nipples would be incredibly painful but it turns out they aren’t even that bad! In all honesty, I’d say getting a tattoo was more painful than getting my nipples pierced…

Question Two: Did you get a bar or a ring?

Answer: I got a bar. Personally, I think a bar looks better but everyone is different!

Question Three: What’s your aftercare routine?

Answer: I’m still in the early stages of aftercare, being day two… However, morning and night I get an egg cup and fill it with warm boiled water and add a pinch of sea salt (make sure its sea salt and not table salt!). Then I dip a cotton bud into the salt water and carefully wipe around each end of the bar, wiping away any blood and cleaning the bar itself. Then I place the egg cup over my nipple and let the salt water rinse the area for a couple of minutes. I then repeat this with the other nipple. I do this twice a day and will be doing it for the entire healing period.

Question Four: How long is the healing period?

Answer: Everybody is different! I was told 4-8 weeks but depending on how my body deals with the piercings, depends on the length of time it takes to heal. I have read some people can take a year to heal, hopefully mine wont take that long…

Question Five: Can you still wear a bra?

Answer: Yes. Everybody’s different though, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a bra straight away then don’t. At the moment, I’m sleeping in a sports bra. It’s comfortable and it keeps my boobs from going all over the place while I sleep so I’m less worried about catching my new piercings.

Question Six: Do the nipples bleed a lot after?

Answer: It’s totally normally for your nipples to bleed for a little while, after all you’ve just had a fairly sized metal bar put through them! My left nipple bled a fair amount but my right nipple hardly bled at all. Every boob is different. During cleaning, I found that it still bled a little but that was expected!

Question Seven: Where did you get them done and how much was it?

Answer: I got my nipples done in Serendipity Body Piercing Studio in Rochester High Street. It’s literally a 10 minute drive from me and I read all the reviews on the studio before booking an appointment, I have also had friends who had been to this piercing studio before. For both nipples, it cost me £40.00.

Question Eight: Are you happy with your piercings?

Answer: YES!

Question Nine: What was the procedure in getting your nipples pierced?

Answer: I was so nervous before hand, mainly about having to get my boobs out to a complete stranger… However, Jody (the piercer) was incredibly nice and kept me calm. We went into a private room where I removed my top and bra. The lady then cleaned the area, making sure it was completely sanitary before piercing my body. She then drew dots either side of my nipples, indicating where the needle would be entering/exiting and how it would look. Once we were both happy with how the dots were placed, I laid back in a chair and she clamped my nipple with a metal clamp. This part did not hurt! Jody then run through what was going to happen next before spraying numbing stuff onto my nipple, it was really cold but I’m glad I had it. I took a deep breathe in and as I breathed out, the needle went through! It did make me swear a little but it was over very quickly and then repeated the procedure with my other nipple.

Question Ten: Whats the after pain like? On a scale of 1 – 10! (1 being the least painful and 10 being the most painful)

Answer: In all honesty, I haven’t experienced much after pain. Obviously it’s pretty tender and sensitive, touching it definitely isn’t a good idea BUT other than that, I don’t really feel any pain. If I haven’t moved in a while then it is a little achey but that’s it. I would say the after pain for me personally is about a 2 but if I catch them or knock them then its more around a 6.

I hope that answers most of your questions, I am so happy with my new piercings! Now for my Pro’s and Con’s of nipple piercings… Even though I’m still pretty new with them…


  • Perky nipples all the time!
  • My nipples look so pretty… when they aren’t bloody…
  • I feel more confident already.


  • Getting your boobs out to a stranger.
  • Bloody nipples for a while.
  • Pain of getting them done, also any pain from catching them…

There you have it, my nipple piercing experience! I will post an nipple piercing update post further down the line when they aren’t so new…

Basically Innocent xo


3 thoughts on “Nipple Piercing Q&A

  1. LOL. Nice! A friend of mine wanted to get her nipples pierced but backed out of it last minute. I have piercings and love the form of body art. “Getting your boobs out to a stranger.”….yes but if you got a hood piercing instead it would have been more awkward 🙂


    1. I was determind not to back out at the last minute but the thought did cross my mind when she clamped the first nipple… and oh I bet, don’t think I could handle that one though!

      Liked by 1 person

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