Clean & Clear Products Review

Hellooo guys,

I’m not normally the type of girl to use face products, Im generally too lazy to bother with all that stuff. However, I noticed my face had gotten pretty bad. Dry skin was round my nose and between my eyebrows, I was also quite oily across my forehead too. My cheeks were pretty red and my nose was covered in blackheads. I hated being seen without makeup and I hated the feel of my face. It was time to do something about it!

During a shopping trip with my mum, I picked up 2 new face products. I purely only picked them up as they were on sale… The first product:

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub 150ml

I purchased my Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub from Morrisons supermarket for only £2.00, originally priced £3.36. According to the Morrisons website, it should be on sale until 20th March! This scrub has worked wonders on my face, my dry skin is gone COMPLETELY and my nose is already a lot clearer. When I bought this product, I didn’t think much of it as it wasn’t very expensive and I’ve not heard much about this brand compared to brands like Nivea and Garnier. However, I am so glad that I bought this product. I’ve been using this product since February 25th morning and night. Of a night, I remove all my make up, take out my nose bar, wet my face and apply a ‘2 pence’ size blob all over my face and rub it in, targeting the areas that need the most treatment. I then use a wet flannel to take it all off. The scrub has exfoliating micro-beads that peel away any dead cells and unplug pores, then the blackhead fighting ingredient clears the pores and helps to prevent further blackheads from forming. It’s also oil free which was perfect as I had been suffering with an oily forehead! The product claims to “see fewer blackheads after 1 wash” by using morning and night. I’ve now been using it for a week and a half and can honestly say my face has never looked better!

Using the Daily Scrub

The second product:

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser 100ml

My Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser was purchased at the same time as my daily scrub and has been used everyday too. However, I only use the moisturiser in the morning after I have used my scrub and before I apply my makeup. It was also on sale for only £2.00, originally £2.96 and should be on sale until the 20th March too. This moisturiser is also oil free which is brilliant for my skin, it claims to help prevent spots and blemishes. I use a pea size amount and massage it in all over my face, it glides on smoothly and a little goes a long way with this product. The only downside to this product, for me, was it would sting/tingle slightly around my nose and top of my cheeks. After a fair amount of research, it turns out the ingredient Salicylic Acid can cause a slight stinging/tingling sensation in some people. This is due to the sensitivity of the individuals skin, Salicylic Acid breaks down pores and dissolves any dirt. The tingling feeling tends to mean that the product is working, it isn’t harmful. However if you are worried then please discontinue use.

After applying moisturiser

My face feels so much clearer, fresher and softer since using both these products! They both do exactly what they claim to do. The price is reasonable and affordable. I would definitely recommend these products, and in actual fact, my boyfriend now uses the daily scrub and my sister uses the moisturiser! Huge thumbs up to Johnson+Johnson Clean & Clear range!

Basically Innocent xo


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