Lipstick Collection

Hello readers,

Today I thought I would share my lipstick collection with you guys, bare in mind, I have a fair amount of lipsticks… 29 in total… I used to have a lot more but the majority never got worn so I had a clear out and now I’m down to 29!


My lipstick holder is from Amazon and I believe it was only a few pounds when I purchased it, as you can see, I need another one… These are all my lipsticks and pretty much all of them get used at some point.

Top Row:

Rimmel London Apocalips – 400 Big Bang

Rimmel London Apocalips – 101 Celestial

Rimmel London Apocalips – 307 Meteoric Matte

MUA LUXE, Velvet Lip Lacquer – Tranquility

Rimmel London, The Only 1 Lipstick – 700 Naughty Nude

Maybelline New York, ColorSensational – 975 Divine Wine Matte

2nd Row:

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 08

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 19

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 03

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 38

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 30

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 05

3rd Row:

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 101

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 111

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 110

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 113

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 16

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 01

Bottom Row:

MAC Cosmetics – Taupe

MAC Cosmetics – Whirl

MAC Cosmetics – Please Me

MAC Cosmetics – Velvet Teddy

Rimmel London, Lasting Finish Lipstick – 128 Starry Eyed

Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 20

Left of the holder:

L’oreal – 401 Amen

L’oreal – 110 I Got The Power

Right of the holder:

L’oreal – Eva’s Red

L’oreal – Eva’s Nude

L’oreal – Jlo’s Nude

My collection consists of a wide range of colours, from nudes, pinks, reds, purples… However I do have a Top 5 Go To Lipsticks… These are…


MUA LUXE, Velvet Lip Lacquer – Tranquility.

I love this lip colour, its the perfect nude. I literally only dab a tiny amount onto my lips and spread it over both lips, you only want to use a little as too much looks like your wearing foundation on your lips… It’s matte so when it dries, it looks subtle. I’ve had a fair few compliments on this lip look and would highly recommend it!


MAC Cosmetics, Matte – Whirl.

I purchased this beauty just after Christmas and I’m so glad I did! It’s a beautiful dark shade but it’s not too dark that you cant wear it out and about casually. It lasts hours and it feels light on the lips. Definitely recommend spending £15-£16 on this!


Maybelline New York, ColorSensational – 975 Divine Wine Matte.

This lipstick is a lot darker and one that looks perfect on a night out. If you can pull it off as a day to day look then great but for me, I prefer to use it if I’m out for the night! It can last a fair few hours before having to top it up again.


Rimmel London, Kate Moss – 19.

This shade is simply beautiful. It’s a ‘nudey’ red that can definitely be worn casually, it’s light on the lips but can need topping up after 2-3 hours. For only £5-£6 you cant really go wrong!


MAC Cosmetics, Matte – Velvet Teddy.

This lipstick is by far my favourite, it took me a little while to get hold of it by it was so worth the wait! It’s a beautiful nude shade that compliments any skin tone and any make-up look. Again £15-£16 but definitely worth every penny.

There you have it guys, my Lipstick Collection and my Top 5 Go To Lipsticks! Until next time…

Basically Innocent xo


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