Valentines Gifts Ideas

Hello readers,

So it’s exactly a week until Valentines Day and I don’t know about all you guys but moneys a little tight… I can’t afford to treat my other half to anything big and exciting so this year I’m taking matters into my own hands! Then it hit me, I’m probably not the only one who’s struggling for gift ideas…

Most women like romance, so it’s often easy to buy for us girls… Flowers, chocolates, jewellery…etc! But not all of us girls like the typical romantic gifts. So, for the ladies…

  • A personalized wine glass. There’s a fair amount of people who have their own business decorating glasses, coating them in glitter, etc… Or you could give it a go yourself, the fact that you made the effort to make it more personal will mean more to the lucky lady. P.s. this can be done with photo frames, cups, ornaments, anything really!
  • A mixtape… Okay this one’s an old idea but still pretty cute! Get a clear CD and burn some of her favourite songs onto it, label the disc something cute and she’ll love it! If she’s not into CD’s, try a cheap mp3 player…
  • Create a photo album of photo’s of you two! This is pretty simple but if she’s sentimental, she’ll love looking back at all the memories you two have shared.
  • Give her something that resembles the first time you met. A DVD that you saw at the cinema on your first date, a meal in the restaurant you ate at for your first date, etc…
  • Homemade pizza covered with her favourite toppings… You could even spell out something cute! Put some Netflix on and your good to go!

Men are a lot harder to buy for! They aren’t really interested in flowers or chocolates, so finding something for the guy your into can be tricky. So for the gents…

  • A movie marathon of 3 of his favourite films! Even if you aren’t really into them, give it a go! You may be surprised and actually like them…
  • A personalized wallet, most men hate carrying loose change in their pockets so your man may benefit from having a wallet. He’ll probably like it more if its personal, put a photo of you two in the clear pocket or engrave it with something cute!
  • Homemade vouchers… Make a little booklet of vouchers that he can use anytime! These can be anything like “Watch a movie of my choice”, “Not doing the washing up for one night”, “Netflix and chill session”…
  • Game night! Spend the night in with your man, play the games he wants to play, order some pizza… You may suck at Call of Duty but I’m sure he’ll enjoy killing you in game play!
  • Fill a medium sized box with all his favourite sweets! If he likes Twinkies, throw in 5 Twinkies! If he likes Smarties, empty 2 bags of Smarties into the box… Have a whole range of sweets and personalize the box to make it more special!

You may prefer to treat the both of you instead of one another! This can be something for the both of you to share and enjoy as a couple… For the both of you…

  • Date Night Jar! Write date ideas on some lolly sticks, colour code them (red for expensive, orange for fairly priced, green for cheap/free) and put them in a jar. Then when you feel like doing something together, pick a stick out of the jar and do what is says! For example, red stick = a west end show, orange stick = trip to the cinema, green stick = picnic in the park.
  • Personalize a game of Jenga! On each block, write a question. Then when a block is pulled, you answer the question. For example, Block 1 = I love your…, Block 2 = Your best feature is…, Block 3 = One thing I would change about you is… Make it fun and the game could last a while! Also whoever knocks the tower over has to do a forfeit that the winning player demands…
  • Go on a car journey, spend the day visiting the beach, arcades, museums, parks… Make it more personal by going to the place you two first met, rein-act your first date…
  • Make something together. This can be anything you want… Personally I would make a pizza from scratch together, throw on whatever toppings you want, get dirty together and enjoy eating your creation afterwards!
  • Spend the entire day watching films. He picks a film then she picks a film, no arguments! Order some food, keep the lights down low and snuggle! This idea is perfect if your both busy bee’s so settling down for a day could be a nice treat.

Thats all guys, I hope these ideas help and don’t forget to get your partner a card! Sometimes that’s all you need to do to put a smile on your other half’s face. DIY it and it’ll much more romantic!

Basically Innocent xo


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