Bullet Journal

Hello readers,

It feels like its been forever since my last post and in all honesty, I was struggling to find something to write about… Over the past week, I discovered Bullet Journalling! With lots of research and plenty of pinteresting, I decided I was going to start my own Bullet Journal. I love art, being creative and I love being organised so I thought it would be perfect! The next morning I was searching through Amazon to find a Leuchtturm1917 notebook and some pens to go with it! I was so pleased when my delivery came less than a week after ordering it! 


What is a Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal is a form of journal where you add whatever you want! You design your pages and edit them how you please. You dont have to stick with the basic weekly view planner, for example you can add a ‘books to read’ page or a ‘savings tracker’ page! 

Do you have to be arty farty?

Of course not! You can be plain and simple, use black pens all the way or spice it up with plenty of colour! I like to use colour as I feel it makes a statement!

What does a Bullet Journal do?

It does whatever you want it to do… Literally! Personally, I think I’ll be using it for keeping organised, doodling away, making lists and making notes! I already have most of the layout set out but I have to add the finishing touches… Many people use a Bullet Journal to keep on top of daily/weekly/monthly tasks as well as making lists (collections). Its also a great way to express your artist side!

Where can you get ideas for a Bullet Journal?

There are so many places to get ideas, I found out about Bullet Journalling via Instagram (@BOHO.BERRY) and then researched more into it! I joined the Facebook Bullet Journal Junkies page and the whole community is thriving with ideas and inspirations from all across the world! I also take a look on Pinterest and googled some ideas and layouts too!

Here’s a few of my pages already…

My key, its pretty important to have a key at the beginning of your BuJo as it helps to stay organised through out the Journal!

I also have a 2016 goals page, it is quite clearly not finished but there’s plenty of room to add more! 

I have a little quote page!

I have my little Savings Tracker for 2016! As you can see, I have plenty to save for… The little colours at the bottom right hand corner are secret plans for 2016/2017!

The original page is meant to be #100HappyDays but I accidently drew too many hearts and therefore made it #120HappyDays. I absolutely love this idea! Basically each day for 120 days I have to write one thing that made me happy that day! 

The only thing I find slightly annoying is the ‘ghosting’ of the pens on the next page… I suppose I am a little bit of a perfectionist and wanted it to look perfect… 

I shall keep you updated on future Bullet Journalling! If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments!

Basically Innocent xo


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