Things I Want To Do In 2016

Hello readers,

We all have our new year resolutions set and half of us have probably already given up on them. The last couple of years, I told myself I would lose weight. Last year I planned on losing weight but didn’t start my weight loss journey until the middle of the year, however I still managed to lose a good 10 pounds! I ended 2015 pretty happy. This year I have a few things I would like to do/achieve by the end of 2016… Here’s some of the things I want to do throughout this year…

Save Money:

I’m planning on opening a savings account and depositing a decent amount of money each month. Then hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll have a nice sum on money put away.

Learn to Cook:

I am terrible in the kitchen, I cant cook anything! The best I can do is super noodles or spaghetti hoops… This year my plan is get myself into the kitchen and cook more, cook some dinners maybe?

Lose Weight:

Although I lost 10 pounds last year, I am nowhere near where I want to be and I started my Slimming World diet on the 7th Jan to kick start the year! I am currently a size 18 and would like to be a size 10/12 before the year is up. I also want to join the gym again and drink more water!

Dye my Hair:

Seems a bit of an odd goal but I’ve had black hair for just over 3 years and I’m getting a little bored of it now. I really want to go a nice dark brown colour!

Donate Blood:

This year I’m not planning on getting anymore tattoos or piercings, meaning I will be able to give blood again! I’m pretty squeamish and became pretty light headed and pale the first time I gave blood, ever since then I’ve been put off giving blood. It’s time to get a grip and get back to donating!

Here’s hoping I manage to stick by my goals this year and achieve what I want to achieve!

Basically Innocent xo



One thought on “Things I Want To Do In 2016

  1. Hey Kirsty, me too I wanna save money move out start driving go on holiday then think about planning my wedding 🙂 so a lot to do and plus it’s hard when working all the time but a lot of saving to do xxx


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