Think Thin Thursday

Think Thin Thursday

Hello readers,

Think Thin Thursday’s are officially back! I quit my Slimming World diet at the end of November due to it being Christmas and I had lost all motivation. I was determined to get back on plan the first Thursday of 2016, so here we are… Even though it was a clean slate and I was starting from the beginning again, I was nervous in case I had put on pounds and pounds since my last weigh in. However I had nothing to worry about, I actually managed to lose a pound since November 2015!

Current Weight: 15 Stone 7.5 Pounds

Week: 1

Goal for Next Week: 2 Pound Loss

A fresh new start weight, a fresh new year! I’m excited to get back on plan, even if it does mean giving up the majority of my junk food… There’s still a lot of junk food in the house from Christmas so I cant say I’ll be eating good 100%, after all I’m allowed 15 syns a day!

For those who don’t know, Slimming World allow you to have 15 syns a day and eat as much free food as you want. Syns are basically points on food, so for example, a Curly Wurly bar is 6 syns, Rich Tea Finger Biscuits is 1 syn each, 1 tbsp of reduced sugar and salt Tomato Ketchup is 0.5 syns, Wotsits are 4.5 syns a packet and so on… I’m allowed up to 15 syns a day which is plenty of junk food!

FREE foods are food that you can have an unlimited amount of. You can eat and eat these all day long! So for example, Low Fat Super Noodles are completely free, Bananas are also completely free and so are Grapes, etc…

Then you have SPEED Foods which help you lose the most weight, again the more of these you eat the better for your weight loss! For example, Strawberries are a FREE food as well as a SPEED food meaning you can eat as many Strawberries as you want with no worry! There’s plenty of different Speed Food. Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Swede, Brussels Sprouts, Apples, Satsumas, Melon and Raspberries are all SPEED Foods as well as FREE foods.

You also have Fibre Foods, Calcium Foods, Protein Foods. All these are good to eat but the main food to go for are FREE and SPEED Foods. On top of this, you have an A and a B Choice for each day. An A Choice is dairy products, so milk and cheese. An B Choice is Cereals, Breads, Cereal Bars and Crispbreads. Your only allowed a certain amount of an A and B Choice each day. B Choice is always the hardest as your limited on bread and cereals before you have to start counting them as SYNS.

Next week I’ll post a food diary to show how it all works!

Basically Innocent xo


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