2015 Best Memories

Hello readers,

Its new years eve?! Its officially the end of 2015… Todays the day you take a look back over the past year and look forward to the new year! Ive had an amazing year with some amazing people, to list every good memory would be too long, so here’s my top 10 Best Memories of 2015! In no particular order… Just to clarify, I wont post photos of people who may not want to be on my blog, so to be on the safe side, I’ll post photos of people I know wont mind…

A Friends Wedding Reception – May 2015


In May, a work colleague got married, I was super excited and spent ages looking for a nice outfit! The wedding reception was absolutely beautiful and the bride looked stunning!

First Football Match – May 2015

My partner invited me to go and see an Arsenal game, it was my first football match! The atmosphere was brilliant!

Sister’s 16th Birthday – July 2015

My little sister turned 16 and our family went out for a meal! Im so proud of her, she’s come so far this year! Getting good grades at school, volunteering over summer and now got her first job!

Boyfriend’s 21st Birthday – August 2015


For my partners 21st Birthday, I went out for a meal with his family! It was a lovely evening and the food was delicious.

Ireland – August 2015

In August, I went on holiday with my boyfriend and his family! It was my first time on a plane, first time on holiday abroad! It was an amazing week, the weather was beautiful and meeting his family was lovely!

Family Holiday – August 2015

The first time my family and I have been on holiday together in years! None of us had work and the holiday was lovely! 

Indian Wedding – August 2015

A friend of mine got married in August and it was a whole new experience! The outfits were beautiful, the atmosphere was amazing and I had an incredible time!

Plenty of Nights Out – September – December 2015

The last few months have been full of nights out and having fun!

 Copenhagen / 3 Year Anniversary – December 2015

One of my most recent memories, my second holiday abroad! For mine and my partners 3 year anniversary, we went on holiday to Copenhagen! Denmark is such a beautiful country, we saw so much!

Christmas – December 2015

This Christmas was wonderful, I managed to get so drunk that I cant remember what happened that night but the few nights over Christmas was filled with games, music and laughter! A Christmas I wont forget!

Im looking forward to 2016, even though I dont have much planned, its going to be a good year! Happy New Year.

Basically Innocent xo


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