Monthly Favourites

December Favourites

Hello readers,

Its crazy to think it almost 2016! Where has this year gone? Anyways, I hope everyone had a lovely christmas, I sure did! 

Starting with…

General Favourites:


I love this colouring book! I got it for Christmas and Im in love with it already, it drives my eyes crazy but its soooo relaxing!

Another Christmas present… This year I actually asked for some Tarot cards, Ive always been a little interested in tarot readings and ouija boards… Its so cool, I havent got a clue if I was doing it right but I gave readings to my family and the cards they were drawn to, actually linked to their lives and whats going on at the moment! 

Beauty Favourites:


I purchased this AMAZING mascara at tbe beginning of December and have been using it every single day! Its soooo good! Very affordable too!

Whilst I was in Copenhagen, I purchased this beauty… Mac Velvet Teddy! This is literally my favourite ever lipstick! Its quality and shade is just perfect, it lasts hours and it goes with any outfit!

I purchased this ages ago but started to use it when I ran out of the perfume I was using, Im so glad I started using this! I got it from Avon and it smells so amazing!

Fashion Favourites:


I am in LOVE with my new Timberland boots! I mean, just look at them. Literally the most comfiest shoes/boots that I own! Huge thanks to my partner for these!

Another present from my partner, I eyed up this watch months ago and was very surprised to unwrap it on Christmas morning! Its so so so beautiful!

TV Favourites:

  • Arrow – Me and my partner have literally just started this series, so far so good!
  • Charmed – OH MY GOSH! I finished the whole 8 seasons, it was so good and Im so happy with the ending!
  • How I Met Your Mother – Again only just started this series but Im loving it so far.

Music Favourites:

  • Holes – Michael Malarkey
  • History – One Direction

Film Favourites:

  • Sisters – Brilliant film, very funny! ****
  • Star Wars: Force Awakens – Just as good as the classics! ****

Thats it guys, the last month in 2015, the last monthly favourites for 2015! 

Basically Innocent xo


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