Memory Box

Hello readers,

Yesterday I reached 500 readers on this blog which is absolutely amazing! I cant thank you guys enough! When I started this blog, I did it for my own amusement but 500 readers down the line and its not just about me anymore… I thought I would do a special blog post today to say thank you, todays post is going into my past and sharing it with you guys! Growing up, I kept a memory box and filled it with all things that meant alot to me! Some of it was simple things like a shell from a beach I used to go to or something I made in brownies, but there’s things like photographs and letters! Here’s a few things from my memory box…

When I was about 9-10 years old, I was obssessed with Gareth Gates! I lost a tooth one day and put it under my pillow with a letter to the tooth fairy asking for the new Gareth Gates CD… When I woke up the letter had gone but there was nothing left behind, the next morning when I woke up, there it was, laying under my pillow, the new Gareth Gates CD! Now that Im all grown up and understand the “tooth fairy” its not as fun as it was when I was little but this CD still means alot to me knowing where it came from and why.

  Im not 100% sure how old I was when I got this book, all I know is I was very little. Inside the book is personalised to me, with my name and address and family. It was my favourite book growing up!

  These are just a few of the photos in my memory box! The top left photo is of myself from when I was roughly 3 years old and Im feeding my little sister. The top right photo is of my mum and me on the day I was born. Finally the bottom photo is of me when I was probably about 9 years old, I was on holiday in Wales, Pendine Sands and me, my sister and my nan was pretending to do a photoshoot!

These are all the programmes to all the West End shows I’ve been to! Lion King is by far my favourite. I saw Wicked in year 10  or 11 in school, I saw Dirty Dancing with my boyfriend for our 1st anniversary, Woman in Black was a birthday present from my boyfriend and Lion King was for our 2nd anniversary! Every one of them is amazing and worth the watch!

My last item that Im going to show you is my mug and fridge magnet from Pendine Sands, Wales! Every year my family would visit Pendine Sands, Wales up until my grandad passed away. 8 years later, me and my partner went and visited the same holiday park. It was an emotional holiday but I loved every minute! Nothing had changed, there was the same laundrette, same shops, same holiday park! Not a single thing had changed and Im so glad I went back!

Basically Innocent xo


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