Think Thin Thursday

Think Thin Thursday

Hello readers,

This past week has flown by, I genuinly didnt realise it was weigh day when I woke up this morning, it was only at 5pm when I finished work that I realised I had to go to group tonight! I was a bit unsure about going this week, mainly because I feel so drained and lazy this week. However, here I am, in group writing this weeks ‘Think Thin Thursday’…

I had mixed feelings on the past week, Ive not eaten enough and havent really eated decent food most of the time. I tried to keep my lunches good and the majority of my dinners have been good, I let myself down last night by ordering pizza though… Every night for the past 4 nights, Ive got into bed, put on some Netflix and craved pizza! So last night I gave in… Regretting it today though! 

Last week: 15 stone 7 pounds

This week: 15 stone 8.5 pounds

Week: 20

Loss to date: 10 pounds

I 100% expected a gain this week, I wanted at least a maintain but knew I would of gained. Im so not happy, Ive let myself down again! 

Yesterday I was sat watching youtube when I think I got my motivation back! I was sat watching Estee Lalonde attempting some yoga when she laid flat on the floor, it suddenly hit me that, that is what I want to achieve, that is how I want to look! I want a nice little flat stomach, I want to feel good about myself! It was like I had suddenly been hit by a motivational/inspirational lightening bolt… It was crazy but from that moment, I decided Im going to get my butt into shape and shift some of this weight!

As of now, I WILL be eating good! No more sneaky late night dominos, or quick macdonalds milkshakes! No more Nachos at the cinema or chocolate spread on toast for breakfast! NO MORE JUNK FOOD! 

Basically Innocent xo


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