Date Ideas

Hello readers,

I was struggling on a blog post idea this week so I took to Twitters new poll feature… Which by the way is such a cool feature! The majority of votes decided on a Date Ideas blog post! I’ve been with my partner for almost 3 years and finding something to do for the day can be a bit of a struggle, most days are spent cuddled up in front of the TV having a movie marathon or binge watching a TV series we’re into. However, I hate wasting a whole day doing nothing so I try to come up with something to do with a budget…

I’d say I’m quite romantic and I like to try new things, I try to keep the spark there. In no particular order…

Cinema, everyone loves a good cinema trip. Its the most common date idea but its one that’ll never get old. I purchased a Cineworld Unlimited Card last year and it’s so worth it, I get to go cinema as many times as I want and see whatever I want, for only £16.40 a month! I suggest not to go cinema for a first date though, it doesn’t really give you a chance to get to know each other.

Meal, another very common date idea but definitely a good idea. It gives you plenty of time to get to know each other, be yourself and order exactly what you fancy! Don’t be frightened to tell the waiter that you ordered your steak medium well not medium rare and don’t worry how you look while eating it either! The guy or girl opposite you wont care what your eating.

Stargazing, this is a cute idea and its totally free. Not particularly something I’m into but if it’s something your partner is into then give it ago. Then make him/her do something your into that they normally wouldn’t do.

Ice Skating, I dread getting onto the ice before hand but once I’m off the ice, I want to get back on. This is a good idea for a date, gives you a chance to hold hands and come out your comfort zone a little, just don’t be frightened of falling over. We all do it! Pretty affordable date idea and definitely one that you’ll laugh about after.

Picnic, this is another date that gives you a chance to get to know each other more. There’s plenty of time to talk and cuddle, just be sure to arrange it on a day that the weather is good.

Joining a Class, may seem a little odd but it could be cute! Make it a weekly date day/night and you could both learn something new, for example, dancing or cooking. Personally I want to try Pottery classes, even try the Ghost scene…

Row Boat Hire, me and my partner did this once and it was so much fun! Plenty of time to talk, take it in turns to row and try to avoid the bushes. Can be a little pricey so make sure the weather is good and you pick a decent place!

Bowling, another classic date idea! I love bowling, it can be so competitive but such a laugh too. I always have the bumpers up because I suck at bowling straight but my other half has them down. Get a few games going, some food and drinks and your afternoon will fly by.

Zoo, this is more of a summer activity but still a good date. I like Port Lympe Zoo as it’s quite a big zoo with plenty to see, long walks which mean plenty of talking and a safari ride that gets you up close and personal with the animals. Not too pricey and it’s definitely a full day date! Be sure to take a picnic and check the weather beforehand!

Baking, although this is an “at home” date idea, it’s still pretty fun. I love baking cakes so this is definitely an idea I’d be into! You could turn it into a little challenge, see who decorates it the best with limited supplies or the most creative cake/cupcakes… Definitely an affordable date idea.

Beach, another summer activity unless you don’t mind sunbathing in the winter… This is an all day date idea with so many things to do within it. You can take a trip to the arcades and challenge each other to the Dance Floor or Racing, get some ice creams and sit on the beach, have a small pub meal, build sandcastles and try to be better than his/hers. I love going to the beach, just be sure to take sun cream and a towel.

Castle, take a trip to a castle and go exploring! It’s affordable and cute, make it fun by playing games on the date. For example, do a scavenger hunt and whoever finds all the items has to pay for dinner.

Theme Park, this can be a little pricey but with the right hunting, you can get it cheap. Look for 2 for 1 vouchers or free tickets from a local newspaper. Definitely a date that’ll get your adrenaline going, make sure you get a photo from one of the rides to remember the date you had.

Theatre Show, whether its a west end show or a local pantomime. I’ve been to see a few west end theatre shows and its honestly such a beautiful experience. My favourite show is Lion King! Make a full day of it, find a market or go shopping, then the show and then go for a meal afterwards. Can be a little over budget but it’s so worth it!

Museums, this isn’t one I’m into but I can see its perks. Its like taking a trip down history lane and experiencing it with your partner, it would definitely give you things to talk about!

I hope this post helps you decide on the perfect date idea, make the most of every day!

Basically Innocent xo


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