Think Thin Thursday

Think Thin Thursday

Hello readers,

So its time for another weigh in, Im a little nervous for this weeks scales because I went out Saturday night and had a few too many drinks and obviously alcohol isnt great for dieting! Then I had a very yummy Dominos Pizza which I dont regret eating at all! Its also been that time of the month, gross I know but it affects my eating habits… 

I dont feel as though Ive pigged out as much this week although a couple of nights this week, Ive had Nachos and Pringles and practically eaten half of each packet…

Last week I had an amazing weight loss of 4.5 pounds and only needed 2.5 pounds to reach my 1 stone loss award! Soooo…

Last week: 15 stone 7 pounds

This week: 15 stone 7 pounds

Week: 19

Loss to date: 11.5 pounds

I neither gained or losed this week, Im pretty glad with the outcome! Heres to next week…

Basically Innocent xo


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