Think Thin Thursday

Think Thin Thursday

Hello readers,

I always write these posts on the way to my Slimming World group and then fill in the little details after Ive been weighed before group discussion starts… 

Its time for another weigh in, great… After last week, I didnt feel too good about myself… Silly but its true! I told myself that I was going to try this week, I told myself I wasnt going to give in to temptation… But I have. 

Again this week, Ive been really busy and Ive worked some pretty long shifts at work which means I havent had a whole lot of time to snack out on junk. My lunches consisted of, ham sandwich, pasta, fruit and a ceral bar. For breakfasts I tried to stick to toast and butter or eggs. My dinners have been okay, apart from the last 2 days… My family had chinese and Im not too keen on it, so I ordered pizza and yesterday I was out from 8:30am – 6:30pm and was home for an hour before heading back out at 7:30 so I popped to the chip shop for a quick dinner, I shared a large portion of chips with my friend so that wasnt too bad, I suppose… Snacking wise, Ive had only one packet of crisps this week, a fair amount of biscuits, cereal bars and super noodles, so thats not been too bad either.

Exercise wise, Ive been on my feet a lot this week what with work and then yesterday I went ice skating and spent about an hour or so on the ice. So thats been okay… Starting to feel more like myself again! 

Last week was a pretty crap weigh in, a 3.5 pound gain, I was not pleased but I had no one to blame but myself… This week feels a slightly better than last but it all depends on what those scales say…

Last week: 15 stone 11.5 pounds

This week: 15 stone 7 pounds

Week: 18

Loss to date: 11.5 pounds

This week has been absolutely amazing and I have no idea how, but I managed to lose 4.5 pounds! Im sitting in group grinning away to myself. I managed to lose what I put on last week and a little more, bring on next week!

Basically Innocent xo


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