Think Thin Thursday

Think Thin Thursday

Hello readers,

I wasnt too sure how I felt about this weeks weigh in, I havent exactly eaten good but I havent exactly eaten bad either! Ive had one macdonalds this week which in my eyes is pretty good considering the last few weeks Ive had 3-4 take aways a week! Snacking hasnt been too bad, Ive tried to snack on food like Super Noodles, Spaghetti Hoops and Soups instead of crisps and chocolate!

Last week: 15 stone 8 pounds

This week: 15 stone 11.5 pounds

Week: 17

Loss to date: 7 pounds

This week has clearly been terrible! I am soooo not happy with this weeks weigh in, obviously its my own fault but I honestly felt like I had done better this week than the last few weeks…

This week coming, I plan to get back on track! Im going to go with mum when she does the weekly shop to make sure no junk food gets put in the trolley! Im 100% going on plan this week! 

Until next time…

Basically Innocent xo


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