Boosting My Confidence

Hello readers,

Todays post is a little different to previous posts, I felt like I needed a change it up a bit! This post is all about what boosts my confidence and what makes me feel a little better in myself. 

Im not exactly the type of girl who wears skirts or crop tops, Im not exactly keen on my body. Ive got waaaay too many stretch marks and curves in all the wrong places! Im not happy with my body but Im not the sort of person who makes a big deal about it, if that made sense… Ive never really expressed how I feel about my body so I thought this would be a good chance too! I understand everyones body is different and we’re all different shapes and sizes, I like to think Im just “big boned” but the truth is, I let myself go. A couple years back I was pretty happy with my size and weight but for some reason, I became lazy and pigged out a lot more. I do eat a lot of vegetables and decent dinners but its the snacks that bring me down. Im the type of person who can eat 3 packets of Monster Munch in a row, a whole packet of chocolate chips biscuits to myself and 2 ice lollys. I know theres so many things I could cut out and stop eating but I struggle to stick with it, for instance, putting sugar on cereal or limiting myself to only 5 biscuits at a time… 

Anyways, lets get started on my confidence boosters!

Number One:

Most of you guys will already know that I joined Slimming World four months ago. So far so good, its been 16 weeks and Ive lost 10.5 pounds in total. Im 3.5 pounds off my first stone loss which is totally exciting! The past week Ive noticed my trousers feel quite a bit looser, like they arent hanging round my ankles but its getting to the point where I need a belt to hold them up! This is a huge confidence boost for me. To most people its not a huge deal but to me, it is. I currently weigh the lightest Ive been in roughly 4 years! 

Number Two:

I 100% do not wear make up to impress people, I wear make up to make me feel good! I dont flaff around with highlighter, eyeshadows and eyeliners. Im quite basic when it comes to make up. My everyday make up consists of concealor, powder, eyebrow pencil and mascara. I occassionally wear some foundation but even thats minimal. If Im heading out on a night out or a date, then I’ll stretch to wearing some eyeliner and lipstick. I feel a lot more confident when wearing make up, I also find that I feel more awake once Ive applied my make up! 

Number Three:

I love gradual tan! I hate the effort that comes with it. Anybody who knows me, knows Im a pretty lazy person! I love how I feel when Ive applied my gradual tanner, I feel so much more confident in myself! Im not the type of girl who gets spray tans or sun beds. I use Garnier Body, Summer Body Moisturising Lotion, Sun-Kissed Look in shade Light! I always buy the big bottle which is normally like £7.00 in Superdrug. I dont apply my gradual tan that often but when I do, I normally apply it the day after Ive done all my hair removal crap and just after a shower. I normally get some help when applying it to my back purely because I cant reach and I dont exactly want streaks! 

Number Four:


Recently Ive really gotten into Arcylic Nails, I have pretty short nails so Arcylics are like the only ones that look nice on me. I know this sounds like a silly confidence booster but it really makes a difference to me. I feel like I have pretty chubby manly fingers especially with my ever so short nails! It doesnt look too good in my eyes… Having my nails done makes me feel so much more feminine and it honestly does boost my confidence slightly!

Number Five:


Getting my hair done makes me feel so much happier! Not just having it cut but styling it too, like even just waking up and straightening it! At the beginning of this year, I went for a BIG change, I had roughly 12 inches cut off my hair and I so DO NOT regret it! Now my hair is so much more maintainable and easier to look after! I slil in a photo of me with my naturally long hair below! 


There we go… My top 5 confidence boosters for me! I totally get that everyones different but this is what works for me! Sorry this post is a pretty long chatty one… 

Basically Innocent xo



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