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Weigh In Wednesday

Hello readers,

Ive had another terrible week, this time it wasnt my fault. I have been terribly ill! On friday I woke up and felt sick, as soon as I had a drink, I threw it up! So I only had 2 boiled eggs on friday… Saturday was the same but without the being sick part! Sunday I hadnt got my appetite back so again I barely ate… Then monday and tuesday, I missed breakfast and had a small lunch and dinner both days but managed to get Nachos at the cinema and a chocolate pudding in Bingo (didnt win though)… So food wise, ive been terrible!

Obviously due to being ill, I havent had any energy to be exercising or even moving from my bed so that didnt help either!

To be completely honest, I was 100% ready to say tonight would be my last night at Slimming World and give it up…

However, I had an amazing Weigh In Wednesday!

Last week: 15 stone 11 pounds

This week: 15 stone 7 pounds

Week: 15

Loss to date: 11.5 pounds

Somehow, I managed to lose 4 pounds this week. Most likely because I threw everything up and didnt eat, but hardly eating is bad for the body and normally means I gain that week… But not this week! Safe to say, Im definitely going next week!

Little heads up, as of next week, Weigh In Wednesday will no longer be on a wednesday due to the group moving location… So from now on, my posts will be on a Thursday!

Basically Innocent xo


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