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Weigh In Wednesday

Hello readers,

I know the past few weeks have been the same type of Weigh In Wednesday, with me complaining about failing my plan each week and this week is exactly the same!

I feel as though Ive given up on my diet and no matter how much I try, I fail… I want to lose weight so bad but the over powering temptation from junk food gets me everytime! This week has been terrible… A Dominoes pizza film night, Nandos date and a Macdonalds lunch has been my weakness this week… To make matters worse, I started my apprenticeship on Monday and literally right next door is a macdonalds! I was hoping with the long hours everyday that I would manage to control my eating more but now that I get an hour lunch everyday, Im extremely tempted to treat myself every lunch time…

I really dont want to give up my Slimming World but I dont want to keep paying the subscription fee if Im not actually going to lose weight by eating bad!

As of tomorrow morning, my plan is to stay clear of takeaways and fast food! Even though I make a new plan every week, Im really going to try and stick with this one! I might just leave my purse at home and then when Im at work, I cant go buy myself macdonalds!

I dreaded the scales this week, I was expecting a gain but wanted at least a maintain…

Last week: 15 stone 9 pounds

This week: 15 stone 11 pounds

Loss to date: 7.5 pounds

Week: 14

Another gain… 2 pounds on, I was completely expecting it this week but it still feels pretty crap!

Basically Innocent xo


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