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September Favourites

Hello readers,

Its crazy how fast this month has gone, come to think of it, its crazy how fast this year has gone! Its 2016 in 3 months… Its gone waaaaay too quick!

This month has been particularly busy for me, I passed my driving test, I started my apprenticeship, I attended a wedding reception, I joined the gym… On top of all that, I had work, driving lessons, birthdays, Slimming World groups and kept up a social life! Its safe to say, Ive been a little busy. 

This month, lets start with… General Favourites!

My Room

Sounds a little odd but I decorated my room this month and I absolutely love it now! Its super cute and Im planning on doing a little Room Tour blog post at some point hence why the photo above is of a cute plaque in my room, I dont want to give too much away! 

 Charlie Divine Body Fragrance & Zoella Lets Spritz Body Mist

These are both products that have been featured before but they are products I use every single day and am still in love with! Both scents are sweet and summery, even though its now Autumn…


I know im not the only one who is excited for Autumn, but wooly, knitted, thick jumpers are the best clothes ever! They are super comfy and warm, I always buy 2 sizes up from what I need so that I can snuggle up in them.

Tanya Burr Peaches and Cream & The Body Shop Gorgeous Grey Nail Varnishes

I have incredibly short nails due to a horrible bad habit but I love painting whats left of my nails! At the minute, Im really into these 2 nail varnishes. Both need at least 2 layers, but they are super cute and not too bright and not too dark!

Colouring Books 

As a child, I loved colouring! So obviously when all these Adult Colouring Books came out, I had to buy one… I find colouring so relaxing and calm.

Fleece Blankets

A full body sized fleece blanket is ideal during the cold evenings. I have at least 3 fleece blankets and each one is perfect for cuddling up into whilst watching a film!

Movie Favourites:

  • Miss You Already – Such an emotional film that had me in tears in the cinema!
  • Everest – I know its based on a true story but the ending really bugged me, however it was a brilliant film!

Music Favourites:

  • What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber
  • Dollhouse – Melanie Martinez
  • Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift
  • Confident – Demi Lovato

TV Favourites:

  • Charmed – Even though its an old series, I love it!
  • Downton Abbey – I absolutely love this series, it totally sucks that its the last season…

Thats all for this month guys, October is going to be a pretty busy month so im pretty sure it’ll fly by in no time! 

Basically Innocent xo


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