Top 50 Films!

Hello readers,

I know I wrote about my All Time Favourite Films just a couple of posts back but I thought I would share my Top 50 Films! Some of you may find it a little boring but I always find it interesting to know what other people are watching and what they recommend. I always struggle to find a decent film to watch, I could be cuddled up on the sofa/bed with the other half or snuggled up amongst my quilt ready for bed, I always end up spending an hour, searching for a good film!

  1. The SAW collection. I always find I can watch these over and over and still find bits in it that I missed before.
  2. Dirty Dancing, I’ve loved his film for so long, I never get bored of it!
  3. P.S I love you. Gerard Butler, need I say anymore?
  4. The Bone Collector, a brilliant film that keeps you guessing the whole way through.
  5. Titanic, we all know the story of Rose and Jack  and we all cry every time.
  6. Taken. I love the first film but find the 2nd and 3rd film a bit of a flop, considering its practically the same storyline.
  7. Song of the South, one of my favourite Disney films ever although not many people have watched it.
  8. Toy Story. The amount of times I’ve watched this as a kid, and yet it never gets old!
  10. The Return to the Blue Lagoon, this film was just as good as the first!
  11. The Notebook, I cry my eyes out every time I watch this, it’s such a sad chick flick.
  12. Grease. “Get your filthy paws off my silky draws” – Im sure we all know the words to the songs in Grease.
  13. Sinister, the creepy guy behind the murders freaks me out big time but the story is pretty good!
  14. Armageddon, such an intense and emotional film.
  15. Space Jam. One of my best childhood films ever!
  16. Blitz, The storyline is pretty decent and so is Jason Statham.
  17. Clueless, a pretty good chick flick.
  18. Mean Girls, another decent chick flick that most of us girls have watched at  least one!
  19. The Green Mile, it’s a pretty long film but it’s so emotional and gripping.
  20. The Goonies. “Hey you guys!”
  21. The Wizard of Oz, my mums ultimate favourite film!
  22. Braveheart, such a good intense film, definitely a few tears.
  23. The Lion King. I love this film, I was lucky enough to see it in the London West End too and it was absolutely amazing!
  24. Calamity Jane, another film that I’ve loved since I was a kid.
  25. Jurassic Park, I always got scared watching this as a kid but it’s such a good film!
  26. The Fault in our Stars, an emotional rollercoaster, full of tears!
  27. BIG, we all have that once wish that would come true…
  28. The Pianist. Little trip down history lane, such a moving story!
  29. Independence Day, we all love Will Smith but the storyline is pretty intense.
  30. American Sniper, I don’t normally like war films but this one had me hooked from the beginning.
  31. Lone Survivor. Another war film I didn’t think I would like but I absolutely loved it!
  32. Twilight, we all know the love story between Edward and Bella.
  33. The Mist, the ending really bugs me but the overall story is brilliant.
  34. Shaun of the Dead,  we all love a funny horror film, this zombie apocalypse film is definitely my favourite.
  35. Pretty Woman, don’t we all wish that we’ll fall in love with someone rich? Well Julia Roberts does.
  36. Ghost, another Patrick Swayze film, who can blame me? This is a definitely an emotional rollercoaster!
  37. Peter Pan, none of us want to grow up and this film lets us relive our childhood over and over.
  38. Swiss Family Robinson, another island survival film and it’s just as good as the rest!
  39. The Ring, such a creepy film and definitely one where you’ll keep one eye open at night.
  40. The Descent, a proper creepy film that makes you want to stay away from cave.
  41. My Girl. Yet another film where you’ll end up in tears, perfect for a cosy night in…
  42. Pirates of the Caribbean, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, am I right?
  43. Small Soldiers, this was a pretty cool film when I was a kid, still love watching it now!
  44. Jaws, although it’s not terribly scary, its still pretty gripping.
  45. Deep Blue Sea, another shark film but this one is my favourite!
  46. Miss Congeniality, Sandra Bullock rocks this role.
  47. Friends with Benefits, I love this film, not only because it has Justin Timberlake in it.
  48. American Pie, everybody loves this film, its hilarious.
  49. Final Destination, it’s not exactly a horror film but it’s pretty gripping!
  50. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. A musical but it’s probably my favourite musical ever!

There we have it, my Top 50 Films! Hopefully my list will help you when you are stuck trying to pick a film to watch! Leave your favourite films in the comment box…

Basically Innocent xo


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