All Time Favourite Films

Hello readers,

I thought I’d make todays blog post a little different to my recent posts, I thought I’d share my All Time Favourite Films with you guys! Everyone has a film that they can watch over and over and never get bored of it, I have a few favourites!

Song of the South

As a child, I watched this over and over! I loved this film and still do, I believe its a little hard to find now but I transferred my old VHS tape into a DVD and although it may not be great, its still pretty watchable! Song of the South is a pretty old Walt Disney film but one of the best! Not many people I know have seen this which is pretty sad because it’s such a good story, not a princess lovey dovey romance film! If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend you watch this film!

Dirty Dancing

We all know nobody puts baby in the corner, right? Dirty Dancing is a classic film! I’ve grown up watching this with my mum as it’s one of her favourites too, its a story that never gets boring and no matter how many times I watch this, I still swoon over Patrick Swayze! Probably my number one go to chick flick!

Space Jam

Looney Tunes was probably the best thing on tv growing up, although when I was 6 I didnt know who Michael Jordan was… This is my second favourite childhood film, first was Song of the South! I still find myself laughing at Space Jam now! Definitely a film I’ll be showing my kids one day!

The Blue Lagoon

What do I say about The Blue Lagoon? I absolutely LOVE this film! This is definitely a film that I can watch over and over and never get bored! Okay yeah its not an action film and it’s not a dramatic film but its an amazing love/survival story! Its a little old, pretty sure it came out 1980 but its still so good! I was fortunate enough to have Christopher Atkins mention me on Twitter! Im still fangirling over that…

Return to the Blue Lagoon

Obviously the sequel is among my favourites! Most of the time, sequels are a bit of a flop but Return of the Blue Lagoon is just as good as the first one! The beginning always peeves me off a little but the whole story is just brilliant! A must watch chick flick!


The last film on my list is a recent favourite, I fell in love with Armageddon the moment I began watching it! It was romantic, funny, sad and intense! Pretty much a rollercoaster of emotions… Definitely a must watch film!

Leave your Number One Film in the comments below!

Basically Innocent xo


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