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Weigh In Wednesday

Hello readers,

So its been a while since my last weigh in, 3 weeks to be exact… Ive been on holiday and honestly havent even tried to stay on plan! Ive had fish and chips, sweets, ice cream, milkshakes, crisps, mcdonalds… Literally everything bad! I said from the start that I would eat whatever because I was on holiday and wouldnt regret it either, but I was seriously dreading the scales this week!

Last weigh in: 15 stone 9 pounds

This weeks weigh in: 15 stone 10.5 pounds

Total loss to date: 8 pounds

Week: 10

I knew I was going to have a gain this week, I was expecting a couple of pounds but I managed to put on only 1.5 pound over my 3 weeks of holiday! Even though I had a little gain, im pretty happy with it!

This week Im going back on plan, meal planning and eating healthy! I really want to join the gym but my money situation isnt all that great this month… Next week I hope to see a weight loss but I know Im going to struggle to cut out all the crap food again…

Basically Innocent xo


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