Holiday Essentials

Hello readers,

Its been almost 2 weeks since my last blog post, due to being on holiday! I went to Ireland with the other half and his family and had an amazing time! It was my first time on a plane too! To anyone who’s contemplating going on a airplane for the first time, I would HIGHLY recommend it! The view is beautiful… Ireland itself was beautiful, full of countryside and everyday was full of sunshine. I stayed in Tallow, near Cork. We went to Michelstown Caves, Cork town centre, Ardmore Beach, Youghal and Fota wildlife park. I came home on Saturday 15th August and on Monday 17th August, I went on holiday to Dymchurch with my family for 2 weeks! Suppose you could say August is pretty laid back!
With all these holidays, I thought it would be ideal to write my holiday essentials!

Item One: My Book!

I picked up ‘Normal by Graeme Cameron’ in Tescos for €7.99 and was instantly hooked, I ended up finishing the book within 3 days! I had to run to Tescos again and picked up another book for €7.99, this time ‘Bones Never Lie by Kathy Reichs’ and again, im hooked!

Item Two: MAC Please Me in Matte!

Little bit behind the times but I bought my first MAC lipstick, I wanted Velvet Teddy but settled with Please Me because my first choice was out of stock… However, I love the one I ended up buying! I am so happy with my first MAC purchase!

Item Three: My Ipod!

There’s always going to be a moment on holiday when your in need of some music, whether its on a car journey, on a plane, on a beach or in the shower… My ipod provided me with all my holiday tunes during my holiday!

Item Four: Portable Charger!
This was a life saver on holiday, most days were long outings which meant my phone would die quickly due to playing music, games and taking photos! So far my portable charger has lasted five days and still has plenty of charge in it to keep me going! I bought this on Amazon for about £15.00.

Item Five: Sandals!

Before I went on holiday, I bought myself 4 pairs of sandals but these are by far my favourite! These are from Primark and cost £10.00, I love the detail and the zip at the back of the heel. I wore these near enough everyday of my holiday, so comfy and can be styled with absolutely anything!

Item Six: My favourite perfume!

I love this scent, its so sweet and summery! Purchased from Avon for between £10.00-£13.00, I had to stock up on this because I go through it so quickly! I believe I have another 3 bottles hidden away in a cupboard somewhere. I kept this in my handbag for the most part of my holiday, after a long day out, it was nice to have a quick freshen up and smell nice!

Sorry the post was pretty long but it makes up for 2 weeks of no posts! Im on holiday with my family now so expect either longed out blog posts or no posts until Im home!

Until next time…

Basically Innocent xo


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