Things To Do Before Im 30

Hello readers,

So my whole anonymous blogger theme completely failed when my instagram email linked to my facebook and my friends began following my “anonymous blog” account on instagram… Should of seen it coming!

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Instagram – https://instagram.com/basicallyinnocent/

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Moving on… Everybody has their own hopes, dreams and goals! Well here’s the things I want to do before I reach 30!

1. I want to have achieved my NVQ’s in childcare and have a career in childcare.

2. I hope to move out of my parents home way before Im 30!

3. I want to have travelled, I dont necessarily want to go back packing but a holiday here and there to places like, New York, Italy, Germany…

4. Before I turn 30, I would love to get married but nature will have to take its course with that one.

5. I would like to be happy with myself and my body, meaning, I want to be able to look in the mirror and be like ‘damnnn’, it’ll take time and work but fingers crossed!

6. I want to learn how to cook…

7. I want to learn Aerial Silk.

8. Ive never been to a concert so obviously that’s going on the list! I’d love to see Taylor Swift or McBusted live!

9. Ive always wanted to go to disneyland so that would be pretty awesome, no matter how old I am!

10. Own a car that I paid for entirely by myself, especially one I really want!

Okay, so there’s my list of ‘Things To Do Before Im 30′ leave a comment of your top number 1 thing you want to do before your 30!

Basically Innocent xo


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