Monthly Favourites

July Favourites

Hello readers,

I was pretty excited to write this blog post as it’s my first monthly favourites! I have quite a few favourites this month… Lets go!

My first favourite this month is a wash bag. Sounds a little dull but I was given it as a birthday present and fell in love with it! The pattern is bold and the inside is even better. Theres 2 transparent pockets and a smaller little patterned pocket with a small hook, you can use to hang behind a bathroom door or in a cupboard! The only information I have on this item is that it was bought in Wilkinsons.

My second item is my Maybelline Fit Me concealor in shade 15. Ive been using this since last year and havent used any other concealor! This is my perfect shade all year round, it lasts all day and is easy to apply! I buy this is Superdrugs but I know most cosmetic stores will supply it. I believe it is around £6.00.

Third in my favourites list is my 2 favourite eyeshadow palletes. Ive had these a few months now and the colours are so beautiful! I normally wear eyeshadow when Im on a date or out for the night, both palletes are practically a cheaper version of the Naked palletes. I bought these in Argos but I dont believe they still sell them.

Moving on to a body favourite! The Early Harvest Raspberry collection in The Body Shop smell absolutely amazing! My favourite product is the body lotion because it’s quick and easy to apply and the lotion sinks into your skin leaving your body soft and smelling beautiful! I paid £4.00 for this in sale!

Whenever I see this on sale, I end up buying 3 or 4 at a time… It smells amazing! I believe I now have about 6 in storage and carry one in my handbag everywhere! Its limited edition so snatch this bad boy up quickly! You can buy this in most supermarkets and cosmetic stores, prices range from 84p to £1.99.

My next favourite is a little odd but super cute! Im currently dieting and these socks fit the situation perfectly… Yes, okay, they go on my feet but everytime I look down, I see fruit and it reminds me of how well Im doing! I dont know where these are from as they were a set for my birthday.

Moving on…
My Tv favourites for the month are:

  • Game of Thrones, I have been binge watching the boxset with my family and am currently waiting for the next season to be released on DVD!
  • Pretty Little Liars, I absolutely love this series! Its so dramatic! I have 2 theories as to who ‘A’ is.. Wren and Sara! I’ll leave them theories for another post!
  • Gossip Girl, I watched the final episode just yesterday morning. I dont know what I shall do now that its over for me, I love a good series and this one was brilliant!

My film favourites this month are:

  • Fifty Shades Of Grey, this was no where near as bad as people made it out to be! I bloody loved the film and Jamie Dornan…
  • Jurassic World, need I say more…

My music favourites this month are:

  • Taylor Swift – Bad Blood
  • Hilary Duff – Tattoo
  • LunchMoney Lewis – Bills
  • OMI – Cheerleader

My book favourites this month are:

  • Looking for Alaska – John Green
  • Paper Towns – John Green

Thats all for this month, please leave your number one favourite in the comment box!

Basically Innocent xo


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