The Gallows Film Review

Hello readers,

SPOILERS ALERT!! I recently went and saw The Gallows in the cinema and I bloody loved it! Okay, yes, its your typical “know whats going to happen” horror film but who doesnt love a good scary film?

The film starts by showing a video clip of a high school performance of The Gallows, only the play doesnt go to plan when the young lad has a freak accident and actually gets hanged. The film then fast forwards 20 years where the same high school are rehearsing for the same play. Totally creepy! You start to learn a little about the characters, there is:

Ryan Shoos – The jock who films the video that ends up being turned into the film The Gallows. He clearly thinks alot of himself and acts big infront of his friends. Played by Ryan Shoos.

Reese Houser – A jock who takes up a role in the play to impress the main actress. Played by Reese Mishler.

Pfiefer Ross – The main actress in the play who turns out to be totally psycho! Played by Pfiefer Brown.

Cassidy Spiker – The pretty irrelevant cheerleader who tags along and ends up dying. Played by Cassidy Gifford.

The film continues with the teenagers sneaking into the high school to wreck the stage before the performance. The plan doesnt go too well when all the doors become locked and they become stuck and begin to panic. The ghost of ‘Charlie’ the young lad who was accidently hanged starts to wreak havoc through the school. As the night continues, Ryan and Cassidy lose their lives to the ghostly hands of Charlie. Reese and Pfiefer become determind to live and find a way out, but of course, their plan fails! Reese figures out that all Charlie wants is for him to die and re-inacts the play with Pfiefer for one last time, he climbs onto the gallows and demands Pfiefer to leave but she refuses. The door opens and Reeses falls through, falling to his death. However, the film doesnt end there! Pfiefer then stands up and takes Charlies hand and bows. Totally creepy! The film then skips ahead to the police breaking into the house where Pfiefer lives, who is found in a room with her mother and appear to be completely besoted, surrounded by a shrine for Charlie and watching the high school video from 1993. It turns out Pfiefers mother was dating Charlie before he died and was pregnant with his child (Pfiefer). The ghost of Charlie appears and undoubtedly killed the police officers.

Im rather glad the film explained itself before finishing! Theres nothing worse than a horror film that doesnt make sense. The film was definitley worth watching and it made me jump on several occassions. I rate the film 8/10.

Basically Innocent xo


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