My Top 8 Iphone Apps

Hello Readers,

I decided that in todays post, I shall be reviewing my Top 8 Iphone Apps! I shall give a star rating, 1* being poor and 5* being brilliant!

1. Facebook *** – I love facebook, I wouldnt say its the best social media site but its brilliant to keep in touch with friends and family. Its completely FREE in the appstore and it updates every fortnight, they arent major updates but little twerks here and there! Facebook is a must have if you dont see friends and family so often!

2. Youtube ***** – Okay, who doesnt like youtube? I mean there’s so many different types of videos out there, its highly unlikely you’ll run out of things to watch! My favourite youtubers are, Zoella, PointlessBlog, Gabriella Lindley, ilikeWeylie, Deligracy and SacconeJolys. Youtube is FREE on the appstore!

3. AA *** – This is a game that will drive you absolutely nuts! I downloaded this game as my sister was really into it, at times I wish I hadnt downloaded it but then other times, its a game that definitely keeps you occupied. Im currently on level 58. Again it is FREE on the appstore but offers in-app purchases.

4. Instagram **** – I love Instagram, the app is perfect! I love seeing peoples photos and I love being nosey. However, for people to see your photos, you need to have followers or use hashtags! I shall leave a link to my instagram below. Instagram is FREE on the appstore.

5. Slimming World ** – Many of you will know from my last post that I joined Slimming World a few weeks back. This app is brilliant, you can find recipes and search for foods and syns values. Only problem is that not all recipes are available on the phone app. Completely FREE on the appstore!

6. WordPress **** – Of course, wordpress! Since starting my blog, this is perfect. Im still learning my way around and getting used to everything but it is so perfect for when Im on the go and need to check on my blog or write a new post! FREE on the appstore!

7. Songpop **** – This game isnt really addictive and you need headphones in a public place. Its connected to Facebook but you dont need Facebook to play, it offers in-app purchases but is FREE on the appstore!

8. Twitter ***** – I love twitter, I mean, who doesnt? This is 100% my favourite social media site! It allows you to meet people all over the world. I shall leave a link to my twitter below! Completely FREE on the appstore!

There you have it, my Top 8 Iphone Apps! 

Twitter – https://mobile.twitter.com/BasicInnocence

Instagram – https://instagram.com/basicallyinnocent/

Basically Innocent xo


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