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Weigh In Wednesday

Hello readers,

I joined Slimming World 5 weeks ago today and it was probably the best decision I have made all year!

I started with a weight of 16 stone and 4.5 pounds.

5 weeks later…

I now weigh 15 stone and 11 pounds! Thats an incredible 7.5 pound loss. Even though its no where near where I would like to be, I am still pretty pleased with it.

Ive still had a cheeky pizza takeaway or a macdonalds here and there but I now snack on fruit instead of crisps and chocolate! I used to eat 2 or 3 packets a time… All my dinners are healthy and full of veg.

Here’s a little example of my food day:

Breakfast – 3 boiled eggs or weetabix

Lunch – Spaghetti hoops or sliced up apples and oranges

Snack – Alpen bar or apples and oranges

Dinner – Skinless chicken, potatoes, carrots, sprouts and cauliflower

Snack – Alpen bar or apple and oranges

I haven’t really done any exercise or any different movement.

Until next time…

Basically Innocent xo


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