Plans For The Summer

Hello Readers,

This post is going up pretty late today, purely because I’ve spent all day trying to come up with an interesting blog post. This is all I could come up with for my second ever post.

With summer holidays just round the corner, everybody is planning for their 6 weeks of freedom. That is unless you are all grown up and have to go to work, which basically sums up my 6 weeks. While my siblings are off school, I’ll be slaving away at work. However, I still have a few things to look forward to.

I’m going to Tallow, Southern Ireland with my partner and his family for a week. I’m super nervous , I’ll be meeting all his family and although we’ve been dating almost 3 years, I still want his family to like me.

I’m going to the seaside with my family for a week which will be lovely and relaxed. I doubt a whole lot will happen that week, but it’ll be nice to just get away and have some family time.

At the end of August, I have an Indian wedding to attend. My friend is getting married and insisted I was to go to every day that the wedding falls on. Which I believe is 3 days, the first day is a big girls day, like a hen do? Then there’s a ceremony thing, where the bride gets covered  in all different stuff and it’s all for luck. Then finally, the wedding. I am super super excited, I have never been to anything like this and it’s going to be such an experience. My friend and I went to London a few weeks back and I bought a beautiful saree.

At the beginning of September, my mum’s friend is getting married and we’re all invited. I’ve already picked an outfit, just need some shoes!

Then in-between all this, I have work!

Basically Innocent xo


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